NA PlayStation Plus Update: King of Fighters XIII Free For Members

Posted by Morgan Haro // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms -

Once again, we’re here to brighten your Monday with the weekly update on incoming Plus content this week. So far in October, NFL Blitz joined the Instant Game Collection and Plus members received some discounts on Alex Kidd and Spelunker. This week, please join us in thanking our friends at Atlus for delivering the legendary King of Fighters XIII, free for Plus members! These updates will take effect with the October 9th (that’s tomorrow!) PlayStation Store update

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-Mika-2913d ago

Wow this is nice. Thxs alot sony. I was going to wait until the vita plus service came out to re-subscribe but I think i might subscribe this month.

zgoldenlionz2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I'm in the same boat, just waiting for vita support to re subscribe. Actually I'm waiting on buying bargain bin vita games till they announce whats included with instant gaming collection. This the season to be frugal when you have children to spend all your fun money on.

Also I'm a little bummed retro city rampage isn't getting a plus discount would have made reupping a no brainer.

black9112913d ago

Wheres My Payday The Heist????

ScytheX32913d ago

WOW, love this, got the disc version but have some PS+ friends who will definitely be getting this, hope it boosts the ppl playing this online

Veneno2913d ago

More people online might actually hurt the game more because I had the disc version and played last year and the online is unplayable even for online fighting game standards. It's a shame because these devs need to realizenthat in this day and age you have to have good online if you want to compete with the best out there.

Baka-akaB2912d ago

After a few patchs , as long as you get 3-4 green bars it's ok . It's not excusable in this day and age , but far from unplayable now

doogiebear2912d ago

Oh yeah! I just bought an arcade stick a few days ago! You will definately seem ME online!

Ilovetheps52913d ago

That sounds awesome. When Playstation came to my college, they gave me two cards that have a free month of PS+, but they require a credit card number. So, I won't be able to use them. If someone wants these codes, please message me. Keep in mind that you must have a valid credit card on PSN to use the codes though.

kratos1232913d ago

I would love one my good friend.
if its not a problem could you pm it to

PLAYER50952913d ago

me too me too! am i late to the party?

Ilovetheps52913d ago

Sorry, but I already gave out the two codes to the first two people that sent me a pm.

kb8mvp812913d ago

I would appreciate it very much if i could have a code please

rayzorn2913d ago

alot of people dont like putting credit cards on. you can just go to any store like walmart and get a visa card put a few bucks on it and make it work that way. then throw the card away after you spend your money anywhere you like.

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-Alpha2913d ago

Still very jealous of Europe, but I'll take it.

godofboobees2913d ago

Yeah didn't Europe get red dead a couple months ago?

-Alpha2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Red Dead, Deus Ex, Resident Evil 5, Darksiders (I think)

All very recently if I'm not mistaken. I'm still working through Just Cause 2 and Outland, so I've got plenty to play, but I'm teetering on whether to buy some of these games myself or wait for NA Plus to bring it to us

wishingW3L2913d ago

EU got all those great games? No way!

Deus Ex HR is an amazing game, I just beat it the other day and loved it.

BitbyDeath2913d ago

Yep, this week we get Bulletstorm, but think i'd rather KOF.

itani2913d ago

We get Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and Bulletstorm :).

wishingW3L2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

but the US update is not too shabby either, I think is time to subscribe to PS+ like right now!!!

SamPao2913d ago

We get Bulletstorm in europe? you sure???

BitbyDeath2913d ago

Yea, and itani is right as well both RE5 and Bulletstorm this week for EU.

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