Developer Says Wii U Is The Strongest Console With Tons Of Potential

Shin’en developer Manfred Linzner has told N-Tower that he believes that the Wii U will be the strongest console in history due to its future potential. Linzner then went on to explain that the console offers developers, such as himself, a brand new way at looking at video game design. He then concluded that with development teams such as Retro Studios, and Nintendo EAD, the console could well become unstoppable.

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LX-General-Kaos4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

Everything seems pretty spot on and accurate.

decrypt4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

"Developer Says Wii U Is The Strongest Console With Tons Of Potential"

Decrypting msg....

Heres what he really ment:

"The Wii U is quite powerful in comparison to other current consoles, that's because PS3 & Xbox 360 are dinosaur tech by todays standards.

However in comparison to any decent 200usd PC GPU Wii you will get pummeled, since Wii U tech is quite ancient by todays standards".

Fishy Fingers4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

Probably why he said "console" not "individual PC component which is useless on its own, but only 200usd".

yabhero4155d ago

I doubt think a custom 6000 series GPU is ancient. Comparable in many ways to the 6670. Its better than what's in the PS3/360 and has GPGPU and even the CPU though clocked lower is better than Xenos. I don't know of any 200 dollar chip that would pummel WiiU. The only GPUs that would some a noticeable difference after optimization are 300plus. Personally I'd rather get a new console with exclusives and good looking games rather than buying an expensive GPU

T9004155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )


You do realize 6670 costs about 70usd at newegg.com:


No reason why a 200usd GPU wont outperform the 6670 you can easily get something like 7850 this for 200usd:


Don't think any decent gaming PC as of today would need an upgrade to beat the Wii U. I think Nintendo is trying too hard to fool people into believing Wii U is featuring some top end hardware, when clearly they are not.

When PS3 or Xbox 360 launched they were atleast on par with Mid range PCs of their times. Thats not the case with the Wii U, hence anyone buying that system as a powerful system is delusional at best.


Whatever the case man, be it Nintendo or the Devs people are being misguided on Wii U being very powerful. I would think a new console to at least be considered powerful should at least match up to mid range PC of todays time, just like the Xbox 360 and PS3 were in their time.

ElectricKaibutsu4155d ago

I don't think Nintendo ever said the Wii had top end hardware. All they said was that it had 2 gigs of ram and that, as usual, they don't believe great graphics are the be all end all.

neogeo4155d ago

No he Said WiiU has more power than any PC on Earth and will run 4k res@240 fps with triple monitors in 3d. He said the WiiU has a GPU that is more powerful than 10 GTX 690"s combined. Expect to see games so powerful it will blind and kill most people. Anyone That survives looking at the graphics will be left insane due to not knowing the difference between WiiU and real life. It will confuse us and make us think we are in the matrix.

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zgoldenlionz4155d ago

Too early to tell. That doesn't mean I won't be getting a wiiu for all the exclusives and first party titles. I hope the wiiu has huge success and that also goes for every other console too. More success=more games potentially for me to play simple as that.

ElectricKaibutsu4155d ago

Well it's certainly the newest console so I'm not terribly surprised.

ziggurcat4155d ago

"Developer Says Wii U Is The Strongest Console With Tons Of Potential"

... until the next playstation/xbox is announced

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