New Gears of War Footage

New gameplay from the X06 floor.

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vettle15908d ago

very sweet. dont want to watch it all because im getting it and dont want to know whats going to happen until i play it.

Marriot VP5908d ago

I agree, I like surprises.

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

bizzy125908d ago

that vid was hot 1 more month 2 go in that will be in my 360 all day and all nigth see you on live lets wipe them all out

Marty83705908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

The animation on main character is poor,it need more frames as it's not smooth.

RuffRyder5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

We know your crazy kens [email protected] slave and your only doing your job but your just getting pathetic now.

Fuzz McDeath5908d ago

...I'll bite. PS3 Fan(girl) is just jealous that come November we'll have the most anticipated title in the world and he'll have to wait another year to start getting them on PS3 (DMC4, MGS4). Its also upsetting to him that GOW has more creative artistic design and graphical detail than any game shown for PS3 so far (including the AAAs like MGS4 and Resistance)....Sometimes sad people lash out for no reason :)

malachi235908d ago

OMFG YOUR JOKING RIGHT?!, i mean i don't usually get drawn into stuff like this...but that has to be the WORST fanboy comment i've ever seen.
EVEN if you don't like Sony,Microsoft or Nintendo You should ALWAYS have RESPECT for a great game..because it moves the games industry forward as a hole and deserves credit.

sparco5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

"Its need more frames"

If by that you mean the character needs more frames then do you even kno what ur talking about? You do not have frames on one single object in a game, a frame shows one whole image, so it includes all the things on the screen, including the character(s), buildings, enemies, allies etc..

And stop being such a little biased pr*ck. Does it worry you to see graphics like this on Microsofts console? Is it realy that good that you have to make something up? From what i saw, there is no graphical problem with anything. The characters are smooter than any other game ive seen. I think even other ps3 fans can aggree with me that your comment was just sad and pathetic. I spose its something i expect from d*ckheads like you. Try and be more like Zypher if ya wanna be a ps3 fanboy. He's a fanboy; but he doesn't annoy me cos he posts more mature comments.

Ravenator5295908d ago

You crack me up PS3Fan!

No bubbles for you!

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Balance5908d ago

this jerk writes the same thing in every 360 post. just ignore him he is obviously derranged and just trying to stir stuff up.

EasilyTheBest5908d ago

Look when fanboys post stupid comments instead of wasting our time posting back cant we just start our post with say.

Post No3 Ignored FANBOY rubbish.

And then get on with some valuable descussion.
YES GOW looks great so far id like sum good hi rez vids to make my mind up completly, but the game itself looks fine.

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