PixlBit's Inquisitor Review

PixlBit | "One of the things I enjoy most about working for a gaming website is the way it’s helped me expand my horizons when it comes to genre. Here at PixlBit we don’t just get to review the games we already know we love; sometimes we’re assigned a game and other times we get reviews based on our available schedules. I’ve reviewed a ton of games I likely would never have even considered playing in the year I’ve been with PixlBit, and if I’ve only learned one thing in that time it would be this: I really am not cut out for the classic ‘90s-style PC RPG. These were games designed around a specific template of hardcore tabletop RPG rules. As I played Inquisitor by Cinemax I realized that these are games made for a very specific audience, and if you aren’t part of that audience you may as well run along, because this isn’t for you."

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