5 franchises we'd like to see Cliffy B work on

GamesRadar - Big news: Cliff Bleszinski has left Epic after 20 years, saying that he wants to take a break from the industry he’s been involved in since he was a teenager. Though he hasn’t confirmed what he’s going to do after his break, we have to imagine he’ll return to gaming in some fashion. This got us excited at the possibilities of him going to another studio, and helping another franchise flourish just like he did with Gears of War.

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NYC_Gamer3221d ago

I would like for Cliff to create his own franchise

FarCryLover1823221d ago

New IP for sure at his new studio with the ex-Bioware CEO's. ;)

Imagine if this happened. Clifford no longer tied down to what he was doing at Epic: just doing spreadsheets and boring stuff, where all his creative juices could flow. No longer tied down by the "man", and the two Doctors could join and create games too, no longer being held down by the "man" (EA) anymore.

This would be glorious to have a new RPG franchise like Baldur's Gate, (maybe running on UE4... maybe Cliff can get a discount on UE4 ;) ;)).

lategamer3220d ago

Doesn't Cliff have basically free reign at Epic? He was a designer on Jazz Jackrabbit, the original Unreal, Gears of War, etc.

guitarded773221d ago

Sure, but the article is about franchises we'd like to see Cliffy B get involved in. I personally would like to see what he would do with Call of Duty. Many complain that the game is the same thing every November... I'd be interested to see what he could do with it.

rpd1233220d ago

Good one. He'd probably make some nice changes to it. It could certainly use a reboot to keep things fresh.

Relientk773221d ago

I like how the first 4 franchises on the list you can like sorta see, then the last one they just throw Crash Bandicoot at you and you're like what? lol

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Baka-akaB3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

"Cliff could help the Resident Evil team with its cover system, which felt like a poor imitation of Gears of War’s to begin with"

WTf .... RE and Killswitch had cover before Gears of war even appeared .

And last thing you should want after b*tching so much about RE , should to be enhance the action part . Arent you supposed to wish for a return to horror ?

There is no such thing as a good horror title with a competent and nimble cover shooter acrobat .

And dont you ever dare suggest him on a metroid title

Bimkoblerutso3221d ago

The problem is NOT that there shouldn't be functional gunplay. The problem is that there should not be an abundance of shallow action set-pieces, a de-emphasis of atmosphere, pretty much no resource management and a general lack of scary moments.

It could still easily be a survival horror game with a cover system. I mean, a cover system could conceivably double as a means of hiding from enemies when low on ammo or something.

scofios3221d ago


Don't even bother thats a statment from litle kids who just started gaming this gen with gears of war.
gears is a re4 wannabe to begin with.

nihonlight3221d ago

If he has the clout let him create a new IP.
Reach for the sky cliff.
(I think he can)

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