Racing big boys gun engines and compare exhaust pipes in new trailers

On the surface, Project Gotham Racing 4 and Gran Turismo HD are bitter enemies, but deep down they actually have an awful lot in common. Like the Ferrari 600 Imola, which is the stunning star in both of these new trailers for the two next-gen racers.

Ferraris are old hat in the PGR universe, but for GT fans Gran Turismo HD will be remembered for being the first game in the series to feature the sexy Italian cars.

So it's Ferrari versus Ferrari, PGR4 versus GT HD, Xbox 360 versus PlayStation 3... You can check out both trailers for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

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Ravenator5295912d ago

Forza and Gran Tourismo were competing?

How did PGR get into the mix?

calderra5911d ago

Forza and GT are bitter enemies, not GT and PRG. They're COMPLETELY different games.

Maybe they meant, I dunno, Ridge Racer and PGR? No, Rodge Racer doesn't use licensed cars. Need for Speed? Nope.

Slam PGR in this comparison all you want, but it's like comparing... I dunno... Forza and Ridge Racer. It's just two different levels of game.

unleash bass5912d ago

Yeah, I thought Forza vs GTHD. You can't really compare with PGR it's not quite the same. PGR is primarily street racing for kudos. (arcade style) Forza and GT are track based (simulator style).

OutpostCommand5912d ago (Edited 5912d ago )

Im a Sony fanboy myself, but looking at both titles I think I prefer GTHD.
Not just because its on the PS3, but because I think (Once again, not just because im a Sony fanboy) that the GT series.
But I also think that GTHD may be the excuse for not releasing GT5, but just releasing a revamped GT4.

EDIT: My above comparision was of Forza and GTHD, due to PGR4 being a totally different type of racer.

D R Fz5912d ago

That was a truly amazing trailer of the Ferrari in action in the GT HD game. It was so realistic that i forgot i was watching a game and not a real live car show. When that comes out, i'm definitely picking it up.

Karibu5912d ago

Really nice way to start flamewars. How could this pass as news??

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