Gears of War control system details

CliffyB takes us through the more intricate details of the GoW control system...

Cliffy B: "This little Y button indicator pops up and this targets stuff on screen. Right now I press it and it points towards the chopper and it'll track it so I can see where it's going. During the game this little indicator will pop up and it just says "Hey! There's some cool stuff here for you to check out and you might need to see this cinematic or you need to press the button over there" and you're like...button? Where? And pressing the Y button will guide you to it and it's our way of leading players through various objectives. If there's no point of interest you can just press Y, and it'll show you your squad. At this point I don't want to take you through the game as I want you to experience it hands on, but what I do want to do is give you guys a brief demonstration of how the control system stands up here."

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