Playstation Mobile Developer Interview: Passing Time

PSN - This week isn’t all about the launch of PSM here on the site. We also wanted to talk to a few developers who will be releasing games in the coming weeks and months as well. At the top of that list is Honeyslug with their game Passing Time. That name might ring a bell if you have a Vita or played Minis. They were the team behind the insane micro-game hit Frobisher Says! (Still not out in North America ) and Kahoots on a cute puzzle platformer. While it may just look like any old soccer game, Passing Time has a ton of depth and can be loved by even nonsports fans.

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abzdine3215d ago

i have an xperia P phone can sb tell me where to find and install it ?

abzdine3214d ago

thank you i installed it but it gives an error. maybe they will patch it soon.

PirateThom3215d ago

The Honeyslug guys are my favourite developers specifcally because they're ridiculously sound.