Passing Time PS Vita Review (CenturyGamingUK)

CenturyGamingUK writes:

'Released in May 2013, Passing Time is one of the most unique games to embrace Playstation Mobile's free SDK kit. Based around a football game, Passing Time! steps up the traditional formula by introducing an intuitive control scheme powered only by touch, so, does this adverse control introduction prove to be successful or fall flat in achieving its goal?'

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ltachiUchiha2506d ago

Thats more like it, thank you. =]

Cam9772506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

No problem, I've never posted a review on my website so I don't know the rules regarding reviews on N4G. Now I do though.

ltachiUchiha2506d ago

Just go to guidlines on the bottom of the page on the left side and go through it. It should give you pretty good tips. If you have anymore questions just pm me & ill try an help u out. Cheers

MrDead2506d ago

It's Sensible Soccer!!

If Passing Time is only 10% as good as Sensible Soccer it will be one of the best football games ever.

Donnieboi2505d ago

Is this only in europe?