Bringing it Home Day 10 Content

Thanks to Major, today's marketplace content has just been announced, and, sadly, for all of those holding out for a few more big demos, it's a big dissapointment.

Whilst the F.E.A.R. trailer, and the Arcade Montage may be worth downloading, there is little else of note. Oh well. Here's to X07!

X06 Arcade Montage
Blitz the League

X06 Picture Pack

Saint's Row-Mayhem Video Strategy (720p)
Saint's Row-Insurance Fraud Video Strategy (720p)
Saint's Row-Hitman Video Strategy (720p)

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Ravenator5295915d ago

Anyone who says that we should have received more content, must be out of their minds!

As of last night, there were 64 pieces of content that were distributed for download over the last nine days. Thats insane!

We received a demo of FEAR, SONIC, and Smackdown vs Raw. Not to mention that Doom was released for the Arcade. And the video game trailers in HD were awesome!

I am totally pleased with what we received. I think anyone who isn't, would never be satisfied no matter what content was released.

The trailer for Blue-Dragon totally changed my opinion of the game once I saw how beutiful it was graphically on a HD television. Not to mention that you could tell that story line is going to be of epic proportions.

And for the first time I was able to see what GOW will look like in 52' of HD glory. (There was a clip of the game in one of the montage videos).

All in all I give "Bringin It Home" an "A"!

Phenom195915d ago

lol where have i been, i didnt know there was a demo for svr 07. now i am more than content : )

beans5915d ago

Well it's not so much as to how much they sent but more like what they sent! None of these demo's really made me feel like I got to experience something truly Next-Gen which is ok by me! Now the video's(which I could watch online) did offer a next-gen feel and im sure things didn't go the way MS intended! All in all it was a great show and even though I didn't get to play certain games im not still not upset! MS has done nothing but deliver and honestly I don't want to play a true next-gen game thats not been completed yet!