WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2007 Preview

Yesterday, Microsoft, THQ and developer Yuke's released a demo for their wrestling title, WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2007. We downloaded the demo and came away impressed with the tremendous visuals and a nice variety of game modes, but there are some things about the game that raised some red flags.

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DixieNormS6475d ago

My last WWE game was RAW for the xbox and that was allright. But after playing the demo over live, I now think my next WWE game has arrived.

THAMMER16475d ago

I think this game will make me want to play a WWE game. The last one I played was WCW vs NWO on the N64. But this game is great.


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Bidness Gaming: WWE wrestling games went through several transitions, but in the end we saw it all end in a count-out!

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Kribwalker3067d ago

Thq and AKI stopped making the games. The N64 games were the best

fad6323066d ago

couldn't agree more, think it was No Mercy which i liked the best, although I remember the WCW NWO game being very good also.

In its current carnation it will never top the N64 games

3-4-53066d ago

WWE 12 was the last good wrestling game.

WeAreLegion3067d ago

I'll tell you where they went right. WWE All-Stars freakin' rules.

Ruggadagod3067d ago

You can obviously tell they got lazy.

showtimefolks3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

IMO the story aspects became the worst. the universe mode isn't as good as the GM mode(imo)

commentary is really bad
enemy ai isn't good neither is hit detection

instead of putting effort into single player story all we have gotten are past glory moments. i mean we are basically watching replays of old matches

i am surprised we didn't get a true wwe vs wcw game

the one wwe game few years ago with wcw story line was good(i had fun with story mode atleast)

here comes the pain
shut your mouth
day of reckoning
no mercy

are some of the best wwe wrestling games

vanity293067d ago

all these years and no real ragdoll physics to make selling moves look different either. 2k15 and 16 have like halfassed ragdoll.

nevin13067d ago

It's funny how you mentioned modern games problem being story related.

But then mentioned

here comes the pain
shut your mouth
day of reckoning
no mercy

HCTP, SYM and No Mercy was cherished by its gameplay.

Its seems alot of people these days are more interested in stories in videogames then the actual game. Gameplay should be number 1.

roxette923066d ago

wwe 2k14 was the last great release gameplay wise. wwe 2k16 still has the annoying chain grappling.

showtimefolks3066d ago


they could have a bad story but still a original story. these past wwe games have moments from past like 30 years of wrestlemania and attitude era

i rather just get original stories and that's just my personal opinion


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Stuart57563507d ago

Good comparison, they've got worse with age.

Thrillho3507d ago

Many of the old animations look better than the new ones especially the Sweet Chin Music and Goldberg's spear. The 2K14 Clothesline from Hell looks awesome though.


The Evolution (?) of WWE Games Character Models - Video Comparison

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The93Sting3518d ago

damn, WWE 2006 is the better looking than all of them.

paddy953518d ago

Ha, they get worse each year.

ABBAJESUS3518d ago

HCTP faces and career mode were great

Austin483518d ago

I hope that was the last generation version of 2k15 if it is I'm canceling my pre order.