Leviathtyn Reviews: Planets Under Attack

Travel the universe with Mr. Goodman as he tries to make his fortune in the galactic gold rush by conquering planets and defeating human, alien and robot opponents who want to take his chance at wealth away.

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Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle Released

Hardcore Gamer: The third Reboot bundle is now available, and while it lacks anything involving the early'00s CG show, it does contain some games for a minimal fee. For the first 48 hours of the deal, so until Wednesday, you can get Rune Classic, X Blades, Hoard Complete Pack, Ion Assault, Knights and Merchants, and Planets Under Attack for only $2.

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Planets Under Attack Review | GameGrin

Planets Under Attack is a similar experience to Galcon Fusion, but with extra gameplay elements and better graphics.

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Planets Under Attack Review | GES

Somewhat addictive planetary domination on a comical level

Planets under attack is a space-warfare strategy game brought to you by the same developers that introduced us to "Battle Vs Chess". The New El Dorado has been found in a galaxy far away leading to the mass influx of money grubbing space pilots, businessmen and alien races in an attempt to control the secondary so called gold rush. You follow Mr Goodman, a desperate human pilot looking to gain a foothold in the newly found star system in search of making some hard earned cash on the edges of the known universe.

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