30 Days Until Assassin's Creed III

"Cloaked, armed, and interwoven into the fabric of history. Desmond Miles will once again dive into the past and experience the memories of his ancestors. This time, the renowned Assassin's Creed series will take us to the American Revolution and a cunning assassin named Connor Kenway. Assassin's Creed III cuts through the colonial frontier, its snow-bitten forests and remote settlements, as well as decades of Connor's life. Expect a breathtaking journey with more than a few assassinations along the way."

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FCOLitsjustagame2366d ago

I haven't played the last one yet. Do I need to do that before getting this new one?

(By last one I mean the last actual game that came out, which I don't think was AC2. They have me so confused its hard to remember which AC game I have played.... I guess I should look up the list)

Nerdmaster2366d ago

Do you want to know the ugly truth? If you played one of them, you played them all. The story hasn't really advanced since 2, so it doesn't matter which of them you played.

Dovahkiin2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

You're talking shit, but on a serious note - the story obviously has progressed, just not as massively in the smaller iterations such as brotherhood/revelations.

Summons752366d ago

AC2: Brotherhood is at least a must play if you don't want to be totally confused. Brotherhood really steps up the plot development and has a lot of information and twists that are important to the plot. Revelations is kinda pointless but it dose clear up some questions. Revelations isn't 100% required to play but should give it a go anyway, even if it was kinda dull.

bmw692366d ago

Don't bother with Revelations, ACIII sounds like a much better game all around -

etowntwo2366d ago

AC: Revelations was much better then I thought.

It does add more to the story and gives you a chance to play as Altarier (assassin from part 1)
And the ending really sets it up for part 3.

If your a fan of the series, you definitely shouldn't pass it up.

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FarCryLover1822366d ago

Nah, it is 28 Days.

28 Days Later we will have AC3!!!

28 Days Later.....

Zombie apocalypse.

Zichu2366d ago

Good job it's not 28 weeks...

Anyway the article was published yesterday, it's also on the UK site, so 30 days was right. I will still probably get it 2 days before that though thanks to ShopTo :D

Psychotica2366d ago

Unfortunately I have to wait longer for the PC version..

vitullo312366d ago

Yeah that does kinda suck but I'd rather play it on the pc so I guess we have no choice

ChunkyLover532366d ago

Correction, 30 days till I get to kill some Redcoats!