PlayStation Store Preview – October 2nd, 2012

For the first time since launch, the PlayStation Vita has nearly as much content releasing this week as the PS3 does. The season of Vita is finally upon us. Also, don’t forget that you can pick up Resident Evil 6 digitally on PSN, and look out for our review late tonight, early tomorrow. - PSLS

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dbjj120884016d ago

RE6! Can't decide if I should cancel my preorer....

Robochobo4016d ago

Please, I'm asking you to just wait till a price drop and buy it used, send a message to Capcom that we refuse to buy their games new until they actually listen to what the people want. Speak out with your wallet!

stevoman754016d ago

Dude, are you brain dead? someone WILL buy it new obviously, so he is just saying buy it once those people sell it back...

cruxito4016d ago

hands down to you, im one of those people who are buying it used to stick it to capcom

knifefight4016d ago

Bingo. More people need to do this.

First, don't buy it. Then, send a message to Capcom (all these companies have Twitter and Facebook accounts these days) saying exactly WHY.

Then upload a picture of you with some OTHER new game, perhaps dancing in the streets. Teach 'em a lesson.

360ICE4016d ago

I'm sure this is just gonna devastate Capcom, you guys. These protests have been known to work.

"Is he serious?"


beerkeg4015d ago

I'm going one better! I'm gonna buy a copy new, then sell it, then buy it used and then sell it again and put the money I got from selling it used into buying a new copy!

Have that Capcom!

NewMonday4015d ago

Zero’s Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is my game of the week

maniacmayhem4015d ago

But what if he thinks the game is good? This would only be sticking it to Capcom if he thought the game was bad in the first place.

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cyberninja4016d ago

Cancel it and buy it used. Capcom sucks.

jimbobwahey4016d ago

Screw buying it used, a bad game is a bad game. I suggest cancelling your preorder and just buying something else instead. There's plenty of great games releasing this holiday season regardless of what console you have.

BuLLDoG9094015d ago

this, y buy it at all, Dishonored in 10 days

Dark114016d ago

Screw send a message to Capcom BS

do you like RE5? if it is yes then don't cancel it , if it is no then cancel it.

DA_SHREDDER4016d ago

Hold on a sec. I hated RE5, bbut loved the RE6 demo. I say buy it if you loved the demo, like I did. BTW, if you buy the psn version, you will get 2 copies for the price of one via game share. Winning!!!

showtimefolks4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

please don't buy RE6 new just wait for a price drop or buy it used later, capcom has to learn not to screw up once great franchise

also may i remind you they cancelled megaman?

2 strikes one more and they are out

if there is ever a time to make a point its now because capcom has become the new EA IMO or more like a fact. The way they handle dlc and the way they mistreat thei fans and IP's has to stop. capcom use to be all about gamers and they were making a lot of money and now they make less but are more stupid

speak against RE6 and speak with your hard earned money don't buy RE6 new and spread the word

darren_poolies4015d ago

I agree. I don't think EA are half as bad as everyone makes them out to be. Yes they aren't perfect but since the release of Dead Space in 2008 I think they've improved a fair bit. They certainly shouldn't have been voted 'Worst Company In America' or whatever. Capcom are a lot worse.

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Relientk774016d ago


Totally downloading the Sonic Adventure 2 demo

MmaFan-Qc4016d ago

Little King’s Story and NIGHT for me this week.

LiViNgLeGaCY4016d ago

Little King's Story! Heck yes can't wait for tomorrow!!!! :D

Minimox164015d ago

Little King’s Story will be available only digital?

oldfriend864016d ago

Oh wow, October came up sooner than I thought.

While everyone is playing RE6, I'll be playing Sonic Adventures 2 and Nights.

Syntax-Error4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

While everyone is playing a 2012 game, you will be playing games that came out on Sega Saturn? Wow! Are we supposed to be jealous? C'mon seriously? Dude, no one cares about those games. I am not using precious PS3 space to download and play OLD ASS games that had 14 years ago. My PS3 plays PS3 games...period. You think if I have a PS6 I am going to buy PS3 games for it? GTFOH!

Arcanine4016d ago

yea u tell him... sonic 2 muhahahaha

MostJadedGamer4016d ago

Yea I don't undersand why anybody would be excited about playing old stale games that came out many years ago.

oldfriend864016d ago

So using that logic, only new games should be played and every old game should be discarded?

Because we all know that just because a game is new, it has to be a winner.

KrimsonKody4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )


It all comes down to you, as the "gamer", to decide what's gonna be enjoyable to you.
I partially agree that "yeah, latest console = play latest games", but that doesn't always = better entertainment.
I myself will be playing RE6, along with Sonic Adventure 2 (never ended the game), & Nights (only played it once). It's great to have that option & variety. Hell, I find myself playing a PS3 game then play a retro or PSN game after, particularly Pac-Man DX, because it offers quick & relaxing mindless fun; very little story to follow, no "hardcore gaming" needed, just play, kill time & enjoy.

Me personally, if it's a game that I've ended, beat & raped back when it was out, then yeah, I don't care to play it again, unless it was really fun.
But if there's enough there to draw me in, like updated graphics, new material, etc. + I haven't fully experienced the game, then why not play it on your new console? It beats having to pirate or hunt down retro consoles & cartridges to blow out & clean with alcohol q-tips...

slaton244016d ago

dude u need to stay off if you are going to act like an immature kid....those games are great games to play something you must not know nothing about....i plan on buying the same games and guess what i will be getting assassins creed 3....u no what that means i play old and new games. That my friend is what you call a TRUE GAMER

TacoTaru4015d ago

Wow. I guess the music of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach aren't any good any more? Or old classic movies with Bogart and Bacall? Or maybe nobody should bother with Dostoevsky? Some things transcend time and some games from years ago far surpass anything out today - oh - unless, of course, you're one of those who judge a game by it's graphics or how many things you can shoot per second.

vitullo314015d ago

@ slaton24 definitly agree man im currently trying to find a good condition snes to play a ton of old games i missed out on as a kid because i never had one! games are games just because there old doesnt mean they suck

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knifefight4016d ago

Hell yeah, retro for the win.

I just got Panzer Dragoon RPG and a used Saturn (plus memory battery) like a month ago! Gonna fire it up Friday and have a retro weekend!

Godmars2904016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Offer Skygunners, then make a full - open world - sequel damnit!