Gamespot: Nitrobike Review

Gamespot writes:

"All told, it almost seems as if Nitrobike's driving mechanics and track design were pulled from two completely different games. They simply don't fit, and that lack of harmony results in a frustratingly difficult experience. If that weren't enough, insult is added to injury when you consider what little incentive there is for battling through this mess. Wii owners itching for a quality racing game will want to pass on this one."

The good:
- Nitro boosts offer a nice sense of speed
- Fairly extensive trick system
- Online multiplayer is occasionally interesting

The bad:
- Track design and driving mechanics don't mesh at all
- Little incentive to master the steep difficulty
- Cheesy music and grating visuals
- Inconsistent, confusing collision physics

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Charlie26885095d ago

LOL this was SO expected if you managed to see the preview of this game on On the Spot it was HILARIOUS it was SO obvious the guy testing it was HATING the game and wanted desperately to stop playing it XD