Charging your PS3 controller with system off

Your just about to go to bed, your PS3 controller is dead and you sit way too far from your system to plug in the controller while you play. What will you do? There are a few ways to charge your PS3 controller while not playing.

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black9112484d ago

Who The Heck Approved This??? I want Names!

LakerGamerEnthusiast2484d ago

Thanks for the comment, Was just about to open this up when I read this. What makes it misleading if I may ask?

jakmckratos2484d ago

THought it'd be about a hidden feature that you can use to charge your controller without keeping our consoles on. Not some stupid bullshit my 8 year old cousin figured out after having the system for 2 days.

DivineAssault 2484d ago

lol DUH! or, now wait a minute cuz some might not know this either "how bout turning on power save settings to 2 hrs?" then it turns itself off after giving em a good charge.... smh

I have a controller dock for mine that i use.. I want one that works with the controllers & my pulse headset but cant find it..

Skate-AK2484d ago

Haha that's what I do with my controller and headset.

wsoutlaw872484d ago

lol no way! plugging it in to power sources charges it? What a stupid article.

torchic2484d ago

I know some people who use their Wii's as PS3 controller docking stations ahahaha

napalmbrainmusic2484d ago

thats about all its good for :)

napalmbrainmusic2484d ago

wow this guy is a genius i never would of know this useless information !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.