Tarsier Studios To Develop Future LittleBigPlanet Games?

Jesse Meikle:

Gamasutra has an excellent feature with Tarsier Studios (who just released the critically beloved definitive LittleBigPlanet) that answers the legitimate question: “How did the Rag Doll Kung Fu guys get to work on one of Sony’s most important, beloved franchises?” it’s an interesting read, but today I’d like to pose the possibility that Tarsier Studios could very well become Sony’s dedicated LittleBigPlanet studio.

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VitaOwner3286d ago

Hopefully they can port and maximize Liitle Big Planet Karting to the Ps Vita after the Ps3 version is completed.

GuruStarr783286d ago

Agreed, bring karting to vita!!!

Why this was not done in the first place is a mystery, to me..

OmegaSlayer3286d ago

No, they won't.
You should look somewhere else to find a sequel for LBP2 on PS3 ;)
It's been made in UK, not Sweden

Freak of Nature3286d ago

I think they will be well suited for LBPK...Plus a new LBP 3. As long as Media Molecule keep a watchful eye on things without stepping on Tarsier's toes of course...

MM is expanding with Tearaway and the new IP, spreading themselves too thin could be a problem, but it seems they have a very good/great relationship with Tarsier, and a lot of trust also, which is vital.....

Looking forward to LBPK, and cannot wait for that new IP from MM to rear it's beautiful creative and I am sure stylish head...

remanutd553286d ago

well they did a very good job with lbp vita but i want them to create a new IP next time.

ConstipatedGorilla3286d ago

If you ever step on my patch
I'll bring you down
I'll bring you down

MattyG3286d ago

Thank you... you just stuck that song in my head for the rest of eternity. Curse you ConstipatedGorilla.

ConstipatedGorilla3286d ago

I know. It was in my head for days when that game came out. The soundtrack to LBP was great.

Cam9773286d ago

I wish them success in the future, not very company could replicate the true experience on a handheld (*looks at Nihillistic).

AznGaara3286d ago

Played the demo today and with the reviews its been getting, im really pleased with LBPV. I'll get it on payday lol.

Let Media Molecule work on new IPs and teach other developers the ropes on their old IPs. Kinda like how Sony Santa Monica gave God of War Paper to Ready at Dawn.

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