First day sales in Japan (2/7)

The numbers in parentheses are shipments.

• Giren's Ambition: Threat of Axis (PSP Mobile Suit Gundam): ~60,000

• L: The Prologue to Death Note (DS): ~6,000

• Coded Soul (PSP): ~5,000

• Major Wii (Wii): ~3,000

• Transformers (PS3): ~1,000

• Transformers (PS2): ~1,000

• The Onee Chanbara Revolution (Wii): ~1,000

Source: Sinobi (Japanese)

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whateva4677d ago

since 08 started PSP and DS have been Neck to Neck in japan.

where are all the people that said the PSP Fail?

Skerj4677d ago

They're still around saying the same things, albeit very wrong. I'm loving the hell out of Patapon, it's exceeding the high expectations I already had for it.

Laexerias4677d ago

the proLogue to death note is a great game