Most Wanted is the best Need For Speed yet: Producer Leanne Loombe explains why


"The Need For Speed franchise has undergone a variety of transformations over its lifetime, but the latest outing in EA’s car ‘racer’ series looks to be a total rebirth.

We were invited by EA Australia to discuss the new vision for the franchise Criterion brings with Leanne Loombe, its Producer, and discovered just how much your friends will be a part of your racing experience and how the rules have been thrown out the window."

BadCircuit4278d ago

Looking like it will be a great action racer.

gaminoz4278d ago

I wonder if the focus on muliplayer will make the single player experience less enjoyable? Mind you most of these racing games are best against others.

DeusExer4278d ago

Interested to see how the game plays having all cars unlocked at the beginning.

It's one less thing, probably the main thing to work towards.

But as they said, the future of games is throwing out the rule book, and I can appreciate dev teams wanting to do something different instead of relying on traditional genre conventions.

Belgavion4278d ago

Probably the only racing game I purchase this year

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Abnor_Mal3d ago

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit2 for PS2 is the epitome of iconic.


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SonyStyled201d ago

This game was awesome! I remember reloading my save if I didn’t get the pink slip from my blacklist rival