Dragon Quest Collection Petition Started for Western Launch

Matt D has started a petition on Facebook to get as many signatures needed to get Dragon Quest Collection release to us western games,

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jc485732239d ago

what took them this long to create a petition.

abzdine2238d ago

never too late for something like this but i want more DQVIII HD !!!

Chrono2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

LOL too late now. Besides, it's gonna be a lot of work translating the three remakes. These games are not even new (you can play them in English on emus), why don't they ask for the localization of the other RPGs?

malurek2238d ago

well, the reason it took so long is a few reasons, and i hold myself at a slight fault for that. during the entire operation rainfall campaign to get xenoblade, and the last story to the west, dragon quest collection fell through the cracks. at the time i had no idea there was even a collection coming out, and those who did know, apparently just took, "no plans" at face value to mean never. but thats the same thing that was said about xenoblade, and the last story. chrono, the thing about emus, is that alot of people want boxes, collector items, multiple physical discs. something to add to a library, to look at and enjoy. to me, emulators just take away the soul, and essence of actually owning the physical copy of it. you could say the same thing about xenoblade, and the last story, why not wait for an emulator right? this is the facebook page link here. its only been up for a little more then 24 hours as of the writing of this.