Video Games Normalize Killing, Doctors Say

OMAHA, Neb. -- Playing video games increases aggression in some children and young adults and normalizes killing, some doctors said.

Research suggests that violent video games can make children feel different. A brain scan of a teenager who has just played what was deemed a nonviolent video game was compared to the scan of a teen who had just spent 30 minutes playing a violent game. Indiana School of Medicine researchers said highlighted areas in the brains showed increased activity in the areas involved in emotional arousal.

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Silverwolf5100d ago

I can kill him *normally* for saying that....

Dudeson425100d ago

Thanks for making laugh on this fine Friday morning, I needed that.

Tempist5099d ago (Edited 5099d ago )

Heh, remember, it's 'some doctors' not all. Don't make a generalization about it. For this, you will have to be discriminate about your killing.

Hahhaa, something even funnier about it; ""Exposure to violent video games, even E rated video games, increases aggressive thoughts, increases pro-social behavior and increases general arousal," said Dr. Greg Snyder, a psychologist at Omaha's Children's Hospital."

So in making people aggressive, we also become more socially involved and have to suffer bouts of 'general arousal'.