Halo 4 Remake Map "Vahalla"

The Halo Council writes: Signs point to Vahalla being the remake in Halo 4, first shown at today Halo UK event. Map is called Ragnarok.

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TotalSynthesisX3183d ago

I KNEW IT. I called this sh*t back last month. :D


aviator1893183d ago

w00t, that's fantastic news. This always was my favorite of blood gulch's remakes.

pompombrum3183d ago

Wouldn't it have been better to just remake blood gulch?

aviator1893183d ago

Seeing as how we got Blood Gulch (Hemorrhage) in Reach, I think 343i wanted to bring back an earlier map and tons of people voiced their support for a Valhalla remake. Personally, I would have wanted either Relic or Sandtrap, but this is still good.

eliteslaya133183d ago

Valhalla actually has many elements that echo Blood Gulch. The bases on either side of the canyon, power weapons on the center of the map and two snipers in either base, hilly terrain, etc.

Summons753183d ago

Yeah like most Halo fans Ive been waiting for a true remake of Blood Gulch. The closest one has been the one from Halo 2 after that they have all been terrible, especially the one in Reach. Vahalla was a great map but it wasn't Blood Gulch in the least. I have no idea why they refuse to remake it and Sidewinder.

m233183d ago

Blood Gulch wouldn't work at all with DMRs and all the other precision weapons. There was almost no cover.

IWentBrokeForGaming3183d ago

My best memories of this franchise were with 4 tvs, 4 consoles, 16 friends, and system link...

Now everything is done online... we're slowly losing that personal feeling of sharing games with the friends around IN PERSON!

FragMnTagM3183d ago

You do know that Reach, Halo 3, and most likely Halo 4 will support linking systems together right?

Muffins12233183d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.