Frank O'Connor on how Halo 4 gets the most out of the 7-year-old Xbox 360

Eurogamer writes: 343 Industries is set to keep faith with the existing Halo engine for future Halo games.

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JellyJelly3715d ago

"Halo's engine is really fascinating because it does so many different things. It's got this really compelling physics aspect. It's got the sandbox stuff. It's got the open world. It's got the way it streams in environments. It's a big complicated convoluted engine."

It's a thing of beauty. The water physics and lighting seen in Halo 3 and Halo Reach are still impressive today.

ChunkyLover533715d ago

The new screen shots I saw today were breath taking, probably the best graphics I've seen from a game this year. I am so pleased with what 343 has been doing, they managed to stay true to Halo, but they put their own spin on it and the game looks the best its ever looked.

I absolutely cannot wait to play this GOTY contender.

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Please let us drive a Mammoth in multiplayer !!!!!

hennessey863715d ago

Are beautiful and shows the 360 is a capable machine when it is pushed

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