Lost Planet demo on PSN not functional

Dont bother downloading the latest demo of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition just yet. Due to some kind of server error, the online "only demo" is not able to connect to any online server, not even ones you host yourself! Hopefully Capcom will respond asap and give the PS3 owners a decent working demo.

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lswanson14321d ago

READ THE F'ING FORUM POSTS! Of course there has been no "official" response yet the the demo not working, it just was made available like 3 hours ago but hundreds of people cannot connect to play it, including myself, so that makes it a viable story and thats where I come from with my description

Douchebaggery4321d ago

open a forum thread if you wanna put the word out but this submission is NOT viable

Relcom4321d ago

This crap doesn't work.

sonarus4321d ago

agreed. its bs tried for hrs dosent wrk. suck lol

Watkins4320d ago

They really haven't made much of an effort to get a decent port up and running on the PS3.

mikeslemonade4320d ago

I downloaded the demo from the Japanese store and it works. I played about 15-20 matches within the past 2 days. It usually works for me when I hit the select button to refresh the lobby screen and then you join rooms that are 1/8. And I also hosted about 3 games. Within 2-3 minutes you get 8 people who joined and you just hit start to begin the game.

incogneato4320d ago

It worked for me when I hosted my own game, tons of people joined and we played. But I should add this game is one of the worst games I've ever played. I deleted it right away.

Megaton4320d ago

Yeah, I tried for about a half hour before deleting it. "Connection failed" or "Room is full" every time. Got into one game eventually, but it never started up (idle host?). Creating my own game never worked either, no one joined. Call me crazy, but I think that a major prerequisite for releasing a demo would be to make sure it's playable.

Catchy lobby song though...

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TheHater4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

never mind

TruthBTold4321d ago

with all the positive news regarding Lost Planet, surely capcom will sell lots of them. First you get an old lame port, then the demo that was made to convinve you to buy it doesnt even work. Great job!

leon764320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )


The_Engineer4320d ago

PURE CRAP, right from the beginning. DMC:4 is more interesting than this lame game.

freakyzeeky4321d ago

I'm having the same problem... :'(