Halo 4 Dev 343 Talk Spartan Ops, Campaign, TV, Master Chief

NowGamer writes: Halo 4 is making some big changes to the formula that was established all those years ago by Bungie. Spartan Ops' TV show set-up stands as the series new poster child, but what exactly is it and how does it work?

Halo 4's franchise development director, Frank O'Connor, and executive producer, Kiki Wolfkill, take us through Halo's new TV/game hybrid...

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Septic2215d ago

"And then you can continue that conversation,‘oh, I loved it when you flipped that Warthog over and we all fell to our deaths because you’re a shitty driver’."

Sounds like me driving there.

bubblebeam2215d ago

Lol. It never got old.

I remember the Vidmaster Challenge In halo 3 for beating the last stage 4 player co-op. The amount of times we had to reload because someone drove ghosts over the edge was hilarious. Or alternatively, using the warthogs was also hilarious.

In any other game you would be raging at them, but those classic moments that define Halo hold a special place in my heart.