The Ultimate Warrior Needs His Own Game

Cmack of Play Legit Writes "Everything in the game would be done to the point of extremity and humor, to reflect the spirit of the Ultimate Warrior himself. It would have to feel like being pulled into some insane acid trip without stopping, forcing you to eventually accept the madness and not question anything that may appear in the course of the game."

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cervantes992214d ago

Day one buy!

The Warrior was awesome in the 80s and 90s and is still awesome today with the One Warrior Nation (O.W.N)! A very opinionated man but one I respect for his work ethic and never quit, always push forward mantra.

WiiUalpha2214d ago

except he did quit and even when WCW paid him to work he refused to show up for weeks and only after being threatened with a lawsuit did he show up for work.\

While you might enjoy the character he plays, you know little of the character of the man who plays him.

cervantes992214d ago

And I'm sure you know him real well? Have you ever been to his sites and listened to his videos?

I don't care about wrestling backstabbing (from either side) - I'm talking about the man's work ethic and drive - something more people could benefit from.

WiiUalpha2214d ago

No I don't know him and do not pretend to..

BTW his refusal to do the job he was paid for is part of his work ethic.....It wasnt some part of the show dude. They paid him to do a job and he kept putting it off... Now in what way is that not part of his work ethic? Yes more people should get hired and not show up....LMAO.

cervantes992214d ago

So you went to his site and watched his videos and formed your own opinion of the man based on his own words? Or, like most, you formed your opinion based on WWE nonsense?

I'm not saying he didn't show for work or do the things you say he did, BUT that was 20+ years ago - people make mistakes and learn from them. I'm talking about the man today and if you had watched his YouTube videos or read his blog, you may have a different understanding of Warrior the Man. Warrior also addresses the issue you are talking about.

Warrior's work ethic is second to none and I admire the man today. Warrior's whole mantra is forge your own path and let nobody lead you astray - we are responsible for our own destiny.

O.W.N. your life! Seems like good advice to me and has served me well.

WiiUalpha2213d ago

No more like 10. I'm not sure he was fired from WWE. U obviously r going to make excuses for the guy cause u think he is cool.