Gears of War To Be Fully Co-Op

God bless Cliffy B. Over at, their man in Barcelona has apparently confirmed with Cliffy that Gears of War is full co-op. Not tacked on co-op missions, but the entire game, playable co-operatively with beer and your buddies.

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power of Green 5506d ago

-Playable co-operatively with beer and your buddies-. That's what im talking about!. let the kids spend a night at a friends house cuz it's Gow night. I can see it now couples and company fighting over the controller(s).

Marriot VP5506d ago

ahhh YES, online and offline co-op.

I'm not gonna be a fanboy about this, I'm seriously dissapointed in Epic for not having more than 8 people online. 16 would of been perfect, but 8 will still be awesome. More would of been a lot better though.

ElementX5506d ago

8 person multiplayer will be fine. With only 8 players, there will be higher polygon counts for the characters and more detail. If you were to have, say 32 players, then the developers would have to seriously cut back on character detail to make it run smoothly with a consistant frame-rate. Maybe once developers are accustomed to the 360 programming enviroment, they'll be able to display higher detail with more players online.

f1r3waII K1LL3r5506d ago (Edited 5506d ago )

See this is what I wanted for GRAW co-op throughout the game. I am not a big fan for seperate co-op missions, because normally they dont look even close to the single player or play as fun. I am using GRAW again as an example.. Halo and Halo 2 allowed for full co-op and it was the best I hope GOW's full co-op can match up.

PS360PCROCKS5506d ago

I love co-op it's a good thing to do with a buddy this is good news