Nintendo to region-lock the Wii U

Nintendo will implement a region lock process for its Wii U hardware, the company has confirmed to CVG.

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FinalomegaS2214d ago

hmm, i can see some people will be mad at this.

not a big deal for those that buy games within their region.

Darukain2214d ago

The only time I ever cared about region locking was when wanted to play games on my R4.

1upgamer992214d ago

AGAIN, NOTHING NEW HERE MOVE ALONG...DUH! These people act like this is a new thing!

Voiceofsoi2214d ago

Glad to see the Wii U is at the cutting edge of technology, avoiding redundancies that were outdated from both a legal and technological standpoint years ago! Happy 2005 everybody!!!!

1upgamer992214d ago

Your comment is valid WHY? How old are you? Like 14? Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, Same thing boy. I am 40 and have seen this happen since I was 16. If you want to play the "locked" games its a simple fix....Sega did it too...PS3 I am not Sure....and MOST people overseas DON'T buy XBOX360....I mostly don't care about those games anyway

ShaunCameron2214d ago

Outdated how? Most retail DVD's, CD's, Blu-Rays etcetera are still REGION-LOCKED in 2012. And so are the DLC and other additional contents in the otherwise region-free PS3 game.