Vault Hunters plagued by ‘Do No Harm’ Borderlands 2 bug

WARNING: this article contains possible spoilers.

Since the release of Gearbox Software’s FPSRPG Borderlands 2, a growing number of budding explorers are encountering a problem with ‘Do No Harm’, one of the game’s side missions.

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Vettur2215d ago

Hey, thanks for adding the spoiler warning :)

csreynolds2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

You're very welcome - I know all too well how annoying it is when you find out something you didn't want to...

shammgod2215d ago

Sweet, I am one that ha been hit with this bug, and I progressed much too far to start over

Slugg3r2215d ago

There is also a bug with the arena where you fight bandits in the fifth and last round. Played through the first 4 rounds with my friend, then in the fifth round near the end of fourth wave enemies just stopped coming and we had to kill ourselves to get out of the arena. We tried again and got the exactly the same results.

AtomicGerbil2215d ago

I was hit with this yesterday, just carried on with other missions content in the knowledge that Gearbox will fix it soon enough........Unlike some developers!

At least it's not a game breaker.

xyxzor2215d ago

Man, good thing I didn't try doing this quest already. Good thing a fix is in the pipeline.

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