Coded Arms: Assault Screens

Coded Arms Assault lets players unleash high levels of destruction on environments, using explosions to send deadly debris flying towards their opponents and strategically using high-powered weaponry to shoot out enemy cover. Multiplayer modes let players go head-to-head and also play through the game's story mode cooperatively online. ZTGameDomain updated their gallery with som new screens today.

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OutLaw5960d ago

I'm not into FPS. But this game has a nice look to it.

XboxKing5960d ago

This game looks COOL

it might not be much fun well will have to see. ;-)

5959d ago
Anerythristic265959d ago

One of the first PS3 games that looks Next Gen from even screenshots. The buildings in the backround have AA problems and jaggies but I am sure that will go away. Good looking title.

Anerythristic265959d ago

I am going to follow this game. PS systems have consitenly had issues with AA and jaggies. Now I want to see if this game improves further into development. For examples of what I am talking about look at all the outside edges. The top of the red dot scope on the gun. The top rail of the robots. The rough textures on the guys uniform especially the edges around the padding on the vest. You don't see these things on a 360. This is still a very hot looking game but I am really curious to see if Sony can get rid of these jaggies that plagued the PS2. I can't wait for later screenshots of this game after they had more time to work on it.

THE TRUTH5959d ago

The rough textures on the guys uniform especially the edges around the padding on the vest. You don't see these things on a 360

These type of textures do exsist on 360 DW5 and even GRAW have them as do PDZ. Just check out some screenshots or if you have a 360 rent them

OutLaw5959d ago

But idiots like you just always has something negative to say and when I give my opinion with a negative about the PS3. I'm nothing but a Xbug or Xrat and every other thing you could think of. If anybody wants to know why I get flamed up, it's people like ssj. Banned that fool already.

joemutt5959d ago

He just keeps coming back, they should put a filter on screenames like the dirty word filter, so he would atleast have to post under a new name.

OutLaw5959d ago (Edited 5959d ago )

I retract

Jay da 2KBalla5959d ago

SSJ is just a sad sony fanboy that wants attention.

achira5959d ago

hey come on outlaw, xrat is not a bad word, for me !!! i am calling my self playrat, hihi. come on this game is ver cool. i am so happy that xbox fans can say that this game looks good !!! gow look good also!!! i love next gen games !!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.