IGN: Halo 4 - Armory Walkthrough

IGN writes: A look at some of Halo 4's vast character customization options.

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OrKuun3190d ago



robavila953190d ago

And this video only featured 1/3 of what was available during PAX Prime :D

bubblebeam3190d ago


I was about to say I was disappointed, so thanks for that.

I think they should let us make up our own visor colours, that would be sick.

Also, I hope that there are more armour colours as well (sorry, I'm in Australia, hence the added "U" in a lot of words).

Halo Reach felt a bit rushed in the customization part, especially the Elite side.
I'm pretty sure there are no elites in MP this time around, which is a shame as I'd love to be able to play around with their armour sets.

robavila953190d ago

I'm glad they added so much customization and they took away the credit system :D.

Reach's armory was big, but playing for hours non-stop just to get a shoulder piece was a huge pain in the ass and it's the reason why most people didn't unlock half of it.

bubblebeam3190d ago

I hope this time if they have Medals, the requirements are reduced. A lot of them were impossible (or near enough) without cheating. One of the firefight ones would take years (so many rounds without dying X3000).

I'm all for challenging medals, but some people have jobs, and so couldn't dream of unlocking a lot of them.

E for Excited.

LX-General-Kaos3190d ago

This is going to be a fantastic game. I cant believe it has already been 5 years since a main entry in the Halo universe has released. So many things have changed since then. I am pretty much sold (which is automatic with this franchise) and will be waiting out late night for my copy. Hopefully they have some type of 1 on 1 tourney like they did with Halo Reach at my gamestop for a free copy.

Rated E For Everyone

Gazondaily3190d ago

Yup same here! This is gonna be great! I've booked TWO days off work. So worth it. Midnight launch here I come!

LX-General-Kaos3190d ago

Sadly for me I will not have those days off. I did not prepare myself like I did with reach.

Gazondaily3190d ago

Unlucky mate. If you see a higher level enemy combatant tea-bagging you with all sorts of armour mods you have't unlocked yet, you can assume that its me lol :D

Surely you still have time to book a holiday off?

LX-General-Kaos3190d ago

I can definitely try. The first few days of a halo release are always the best to be online. I need to race through the campaign so I can jump into multiplayer with my questions answered. Looking forward to clan battles too.

GearSkiN3190d ago

Goodness this is too much for me! I'm. So hype about the game that I just wanna punch a baby! Joke lol.

3-4-53190d ago

yea credit system was worthless garbage. Like the options though. I love options.