Nintendo: 'The GamePad is its own unique thing'

Destructoid shares, "I recently caught up with Kit Ellis of Nintendo of America at the Wii U New York Press event to talk about the forthcoming launch of the console. We shot video of the interview, but sadly, the audio got pretty badly trashed by some mysterious technical failures. Highlights included a "no comment" response on Pikmin 3 supporting off-TV play, a run down of the features of NintendoTVii, and vague hints regarding various features that Nintendo is considering for its upcoming hardware and software releases.

Kit also made an official comment regarding the Wii U GamePad's status (or lack there of) as a "tablet". I let Kit know right off the bat that the Wii U GamePad does not fit my definition of a tablet controller for gaming. He didn't disagree with me on that point, but at the same time, he didn't do much to reaffirm my assertion either."

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LX-General-Kaos2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

This is very true

In this bold industry it is quite difficult to hold an awarding innovation to yourself for very long. Nintendo even within current gen has learned that the hard way. In the line of success usually spawn imitators, and nice but more of knock off like copies of the true source. It happens often in the clothing industry, electronics, and pretty much any other. Especially in the fast food industry. Gaming is no different.

The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet like gaming controller functions will change the way gaming is played forever. Announced over a year back we have already seen quickly put together imitations before the official release. Not saying that the imitating is negative, it gives consumers of other brands a semi Nintendo Wii U entertainment system like experience. Yes it may be limited in many aspects but delivers somewhat of the same experience. Which is an advancement in its own right.

The features that I have witnessed so far more advanced than any control mechanism I have seen in the industry. A smidgen of research well tell the tale on its very own. It does not take long to see how far we have come in gaming and innovation. I personally believe that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system game pad, and unique functions gives the proper kickoff to the next generation. Likely setting the trend of whats to come as far as battlefield control goes.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming

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DivineAssault 2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

ima get u whenever i earn 4 more bubbles.. I will continue this debate another time but know this, Hatsune Miku is what moved the most vita units thus far.. This industry is ruled by Casual titles & Shooters.. There is little to no core gaming beyond 1st party on nintendo platforms.. & if it werent for the "E" rated content selling to children as well, those #s would fall dramatically.. Its not the case & reality is that Nintendo is ruling the charts so its irrelevant.. For now

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LX-General-Kaos2219d ago

I agree with this. We will definitely continue this as time goes along.

E For Everyone content will always sell a lot. Likely more than most. I can imagine that most gamers are actually children. Us older folk are just the loudest, but we are the minority.

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ElectricKaibutsu2218d ago

Well of course the GamePad shouldn't be defined as a tablet. It's a controller for the Wii U. That's all it does. Unless the entire definition of a tablet is "has a touchscreen" then this doesn't fit.