X06: PGR4 teaser

Project Gotham Racing 4 was announced yesterday at X06, and this completely uninteresting teaser trailer was released on the marketplace.

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TheMART5913d ago

But still it's something :)

Good to see and hear PGR4 is work in progress. They wanted to do all the cool stuff they couldn't include in PGR3 because they had to rush it out for launch at the 360. I am really curious for it!

STICKzophrenic5912d ago

...and then deleted it lol.

I might get it, depending on how good Forza 2 is.

Islandkiwi5912d ago

Does it show much? No, but neither did the Halo 3 trailer at E3. The look of the car was great, and just knowing that this game is coming out made me happy.

If you're looking for a lackluster trailer, try the Midway: Battlestations one. Yuck.