Dragon Quest X Wii U – The laziness of Square Enix Online

"Square Enix fail to impress with uninspired utilisation of Wii U’s more powerful innards and GamePad."

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NonShinyGoose2218d ago

Square-Enix are taking their sweet time to announce their other Wii U projects.

Hatsune-Miku2218d ago

A lot of games aren't being optimized for the Wii u because a lot of developers done see an incentive to do so. If the company Nintendo isn't known as a core gamers system or a system that focuses on high fidelity graphics games then the developers won't waste the time and money to produce those sorts of games.

Look at the Wii as an example where its graphical capabilities are like a ps2 but was released in the hd console era. It sold well and the fans supported it chanting the mantra that graphics doesn't matter or advanced game tech which is a reason why Nintendo is releasing the underpowered Wii u. Wii u will be treated in this manner with a lot of games that seem like they belong on the Wii

LX-General-Kaos2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Or super advanced visuals in a game like Dragon Quest are just not that important. Other titles offered On the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system may not share the same excuse. But a cartoon style offering ported from the Nintendo Wii entertainment system wad never going to look groundbreaking. It looks fine for what it is.

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stragomccloud2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Why are you always on these Wii U boards? You're almost always first to the party. What gives? Is trolling the only thing you are capable of?

Where does the hate even come from?
Why can't you have a civilized discussion?
Did something terrible happen to you as a child involving Nintendo? How did you come to be as you are?

When it comes to trolling fanboys, you really do take the cake.

What surprises me the most though, is the sheer tenacity of your anti-Nintendo sentiment. You truly do not grow tired of this, and this is quite troubling. Have you not anything else to do with your time? Have you no ability to be open minded?

I am not saying this as a joke, but for your own benefit, so please heed my words. This hate you feel so strongly is not healthy, I highly suggest that you consult a therapist. Again, I am not saying these comments in jest, nor do I wish you to take them lightly. Get some help. I say this as a truly concerned human to another.

LX-General-Kaos2218d ago


Actually his posts are very civilized. He does not have to appreciate the advancements of the Nintendo product line, but he is not harming anyone in the process.

If you disagree with what he has to say then combat it with facts of your own. Which are not hard at all to find. Attacking his childhood will change nothing here.

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Hatsune-Miku2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

@ LX-General

I applaud you lx-general-kaos. Very level headed and logic riden response in my defense.

I must say some people misunderstands my posts when I'm highly critical of Nintendo and their decisions. Most haven't been a fanatic like I have of nintendo not that means much but I'm highly critical because of where I'd like then to be. Most people started out being nintendo fans then probably moved on to liking or preferring other game companies based on game choices.I'd like them to adopt past methods of support and efforts they had when the ultra Nintendo and GameCube were around. Despite the lack of third party support that PlayStation had at the time ultra Nintendo and the GameCube were excellent consoles. I preferred the Nintendo consoles over the PlayStation and Sega mostly because if the variation of games and the build of the consoles.

The Wii, as much as I tried to like it ended up being rubbish to me. I believed in the control scheme at first but the announcement of wiimotion plus knocked my faith in Nintendo for buiding proper control scheme and console in general. I had began to see the truth that the core games with the premises I liked were hindered by the controller and hardware power. Waiting years or months for things that interests me on the Wii gave me time to look elsewhere for games such as oblivion, skyrim, killzone, halo and others where I can actually play with a controller without hindrance of the input commands. It's also upsetting hearing Nintendo devs saying they could have made an halo or other popular games similar for the Nintendo consoles but choose not to and will make whatever they feel like Nintendo gamers should play. It's like depriving certain fans of games they'll like to put selfish needs above all.I quickly lost faith in the nintendo Wii and its vision when I was able to experience better games in abundance on the ps3 and xbox. I had a lot of faith in the next Nintendo console

I waited two e3s and Nintendo event to actually see really what the Wii u is about and I must say that I'm quite disappointed. Because if the Wii and GameCube I know the Wii u will be overlooked for third party games in the near future. After seeing certain games like mgs 5, watch dogs and a few other games that are destined to be on next gen consoles one can logically deduce that the Wii u will be overlooked and be left to get first party games and small amounts of third party games.

I know fanatics are happy and some genuine fans of nintendo that aren't sheep but I'm not. If Nintendo had scrapped the expensive controller and used the extra expense to the hardware then it could have had like 6gbs if ram with a better processor and video card. The controller cost £150 which is ridiculous to me when all the tech in it are over 10 years old.

To each his own

LX-General-Kaos2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Thank You and no problem

A lot of what you have mentioned of Nintendo losing 3rd party support remains to be seen. Outside of launch titles, ports, and mini games. Nobody has harnessed the true power of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system yet. The system has not even grazed store shelves. I know you hear this a lot but launch games outside of a few lucky ones are just place holders on most consoles. The real yummy stuff releases about a good year into a consoles life span. As a fan of the PS3 I would expect you to understand that. You did not start receiving games like Uncharted, and Heavenly Sword until 2007. Multiplats on the PS3 around the launch window were lazily made, and or ported with low quality from the PS2 and xbox 360. Do you remember the 1st madden on ps3 running at 30fps? The horrid quality of the 1st Rainbow 6? Need For Speed Carbon looking like an HD PS2 game?

As far as control methods go. The controller for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system is very much a typical gaming controller. It has every button needed that we have all grown accustom to over the years. It just so happens that there is a tablet like touch screen in the middle. Which will open new windows for devs to implement new unique features in games that are not available in the current generation. If you are for some reason against advanced touch screen functions to compliment your games of choice, the standard pro controller will be available to you.

As far as the Nintendo Wii entertainment system goes. Yes that platform was released with under average specs. 3rd party developers had to look into other pastures to have their HD dreams realized. So be it. Fans of Nintendos awarding exclusive in house franchises were properly taken care of. Outside of starfox being absent and a few others. Most exclusives ran their course on the Nintendo Wii entertainment system. We even got a Sin & Punishment 2. There were many great games if you took the time to look for them.

The Nintendo Wii U on the other hand is powerful enough to most likely run the future of 3rd party software by the specs that we have seen thus far. What we have seen on paper looks to deliver an experience that will truly outclass what is available on the market today. And the addition of the new control schemes will unless borrowed from competing consoles, put the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system offerings on a different level.

With the mind state that you and many others have toward Nintendo. I hope for the sake of eating crow that future competing consoles offer a massive leap over what Nintendo has to offer. Just remember that as a PS3 fan you know that a massive leap comes with a price. I refuse to believe any console manufacturer will over shoot their landing as far as price and specs are concerned next generation.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2218d ago

Big-Ups to both LX-General-Kaos & Hatsune-Miku for disagree without Harassment or Bloodshed-

-for being True-Adults (not A-dolts).

We could use the pair of you in the U.S. Congress.

stragomccloud2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Well said.

stragomccloud2218d ago

@general kaos
I must admit it is strange I would pick this post to say that. This post I thought was actually a very fair minded observation with no hint of fanboyism.

LX-General-Kaos2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

No problem man and thank you for the support as well.

The only reason that I had mentioned that is because I am likely the most targeted on this site at the moment for hatred and not enough debate to back up ones claims. I have no problem admitting when someone else has proved me wrong in a civilized debate. But instead I get Kaos like this

So seeing your post right after Mikus civilized post just made me think of times when I was pointed out the same way. While I admit our posts are pretty extreme, they can easily be countered by facts from other users.

I firmly believe everything that I had mentioned above about the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system, and am looking very much forward to reading other opinions on the subject.

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richierich2218d ago

I dont really see the difference between this and the Wii version

Eamon2218d ago

yeah, it's basically a HD port of the Wii version.

--Onilink--2218d ago

and a lazy port, because the graphical diferences are minimal

Griffin48712218d ago

I'm disappointed, but I'll still play it if it comes stateside.

neogeo2218d ago

This made me so upset I just punt kicked a cat.

adorie2218d ago

The internet adores cats. You better be lying or you're going to have ASPCA/PETA and your local law enforcement agency knocking on your doorstep. Lol.

neogeo2218d ago

Wow look at all my disagrees. Yes it was only a joke.

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