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LX-General-Kaos2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

It seems that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system will be properly kicking off the next generation of Elite gaming. Sporting powerful next generation specs to deliver a seamless experience online and off to the Nintendo Elite supporter this holiday season. Everything seems to be going well just as I and many other positive supporters had imagined.

Delivering futuristic high end specs that look to be leaps and bounds ahead of what is currently available on the home console market today. Just as beautiful as a new born baby. The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system looks to be a wonderful, and very capable piece of next generation hardware. This holiday season can not come soon enough.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming

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Army_of_Darkness2079d ago

"Delivering futuristic high end specs that look to be leaps and bounds ahead of what is currently available"

LMFAO!! I just luv that line, classic! Like what normal gamer talks like that?! really?!

Septic2079d ago

Lol yeah, that was a bit odd.

1GB for OS seems crazy! It must be for some crazy multi-tasking and streaming content to the screen on the controllers. 1GB for gaming does seem very little for next-gen consoles though.

Still, it should be enough for Ninty to produce some great games and hopefully enough for third party developers to not be haemorrhaged by limitations.

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KingOptimusOrigin1112079d ago

I really wish LX-General-Kaos would quit doing this PR talk on every Nintendo article.

Hisiru2079d ago

They will probably test the OS for stability and then they will release more ram for devs later. They won't use 1GB for OS forever. 500MB at max

gaffyh2079d ago

Pleasantly surprised so far, couldn't imagine 1GB for OS ever. Suggests that they are leaving a lot of room for new features if needed, and I guess later on in the lifecycle they can update the firmware to give part of this back to developers.

"Game discs are 25GB, discs run at 22.5 MB/s."

So this is an unlicensed Blu-ray disc, that runs at 5X speed? Seems weird. PS3 runs at 2X which is 9 MB/s, should help a lot. I'd expect that Sony would go for 8X at least when they announce PS4, and I'd expect the same from MS too.

Now I just want to know processor/GPU speeds.

DeadlyFire2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Power 7 is confirmed.

GPGPU is now confirmed. E6760 likely candidate, but there are stronger candidates out there that many are unaware of floating around. Basically any Mobile series AMD GPU could qualify. So its not out of the question that WiiU has some might behind it.

Honestly GPGPU confuses me, but I just look at it as AMD Llano type performance with 576 Gflops from E6760

Bigpappy2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

It looks strong enough to run some good 1080p games. If developers take full advantage and the online has full voice chat and easy of use, Nintendo could create some serious inroads by the time Sony and M$ get their systems to market.

It all depends now on how impressive the games look when people walk into the Gamestops and Bestbuys the holiday season.

raytraceme2079d ago

Btw to the people who know their tech. The wii u has a tdp of 75 watts. This is going to be a weak system. I guesstimate gpu to be on par with an amd 7470 which has a tdp of 27 watts. The Wii u is about 2-3 times more powerful than the Xbox/ps3.

N4g_null2079d ago

They could ramp up the ghz but that would lead to systems that burnout. Nintendo does make those type of systems. Mid ghz mixed with crazy bandwidth and a balanced approach works better. Go check out what amd just released in the professional gpu computing space and you will see balance and full core usage is how they are getting higher performance from their high end chips not ghz. You want to do more percycle not just have more cycles.

This also means amd can actually make the chip which is why another system may get delayed.

Look up system on a chip designs, the power7, what amd is trying to do with apus and why lower power makes more sense. Nintendo was smart to go with the power7 for the CPU.

What I like the most is the disk read speed!

guitarded772079d ago

I think LX-General-Kaos is Reggie's n4g account.

I'll be getting the Deluxe Wii U... seems like it's worth the extra $50.

Rated M For Mature.

darthv722079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Japan pricing of $338 basis and $405 premium could translate into $299 US basic and $349 US premium.

Premuim also includes 2yr membership to nintendo network so it looks like they are going the xb live route.

Launch in the US Nov 18 and JP Dec 8th. Now that is a twist. Usually they launch in JP first or try to coincide all launches to be within a few days of each other.

Oh and JP Dec 8th...? No disrespect but, who came up with that date? LOL

Razmossis2079d ago

These specs only make me excited to see what Sony and MS are going to have to feature in the PS4 and Xbox 720. I doubt they would allow themselves to be bested by Nintendo hardware, for ego's sake!

ProjectVulcan2079d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

A few times more powerful than 360 and PS3 at best case scenario.

75w max TDP does indeed confirm this as well as only DX10.1 level render hardware, meaning...dated. Radeon HD 4 series. R700.

The 75w TDP is a hard solid fact, this confirms it to anyone that will still deny Wii U is just a slightly heated up Xbox 360. 4 times the performance, tops.

If the entire system can only pull down 75 watts then best case scenario is maybe 55 watts for the GPU, at most. Probably less in reality, more like 45w, but I am being generous at the top end of the scale.

On the latest and greatest process of 28nm this means something like a 7750, AT BEST.

In terms of the Radeon HD4 series, thats more realistically like a 4770 core roughly because of inferior power management. Maybe it'll have more shaders enabled than a 4770 but it'll probably run at a slower clockspeed and be slower than a 4870, I guarantee that, you can take that to the bank.

No Way2078d ago

Iduno ... he's not much different than DarkSniper for the Sony side. :P

darthv722078d ago

from destroid via engadget:

If the increase in internal Wii U memory had you considering the more expensive Deluxe set, then you'll be happy to note that the system will allow you to increase its storage capacity yourself -- without the need for any weird workarounds.

"You can plug in a full-on three terabyte hard drive if you want," explained Nintendo of America CEO and president Reggie Fils-Aime in an investor Q&A. "I'll love you as a digital consumer."

Continuing, he says: "The reason we did it that way is that the cost of that type of storage memory is plummeting. What we didn't want to do is tie a profit model to something that's gonna rapidly decline over time. We'll let the consumer buy as much as they want, as cheaply as they want."

Engadget also reports that the hardware necessary for TiVO and DVR functionality is not built into the Wii U, so in order to make use of such features, you'll need existing hardware

sikbeta2078d ago


Whatever you say, when PS4 and XBX3 come out, WII-U will not be anything you wish, doesn't matter though, as the games will be there as usual, but to proclaim it something that it's not, doesn't work

As usual, Nintendo Console for Nintendo Games, anything else on PS4/XBX3 or both to get the most out of the gaming world...

Sarcasm2078d ago

Are you guys really basing the performance of the system on how many watts it can pull? I understand that you can somehow base it on certain components like gpu and cpu, but we don't really know the real efficiency of either.

It's like a 63W ivy bridge processor which blows the doors off a 125W AMD processor. (not starting a cpu brand war here, just an example.)

Still, the 1GB of RAM is going to help this system a lot. It might just be Xbox360/PS3 graphics but with more RAM so it will probably be able to do more real 1080p games.

ProjectVulcan2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

"Are you guys really basing the performance of the system on how many watts it can pull?"


This is a pretty good metric of GPU performance in particular. CPU TDP comparisons are not relevant. When we KNOW the maximum efficiency of current GPUs on the best process available. We have a known quantity, having the base architecture now as R700.

We KNOW roughly the fastest and most efficient GPUs on 28nm that pull down 50 watts or so.

There is no avoidance of this, there is no magic bullet that can make any GPU design on 28nm in Wii U significantly faster than what is commercially available. You don't get even 7850 performance or whatever on less than 60 watts, it is totally impossible on the best available GPU node around.

It is obvious to anyone that understands the GPU industry.

It simply isn't possible to build a significantly faster chip on 28nm than the ones I outlined. If you want maximal efficiency just look at laptop chips, because these are specifically designed and cherry picked for low TDP and maximum efficiency. Only the best samples make it. Wii U won't even have the luxury of this cherry picking of dies (as it is expensive)

GTX 660M and Radeon 7870M are as efficient as it gets for the sort of TDP Wii U has and we are talking 1 Gflop max. That is as good as it could possibly be, best case but reality is it'll be slower for cost reasons.

I don't know why people disagree unless they are clueless about GPU hardware. Remember where you read this because you'll realise I am right about it, for sure.

Computersaysno2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Its a simple matter of looking at the limits of current technology.

You can squeeze no more than about 1 gigaflop from a circa 50 watt graphics processor that is state of the art. Just like you cant travel across the galaxy in a few minutes in a human spaceship right now.

1 Gigaflop is 4 times Xenos in xbox 360. This is as humanly fast as AMD can make the graphics in this machine without some alien technology or a time machine to go into the future :)

knowyourstuff2078d ago

lol if by leaps and bounds you mean barely scratching what Killzone 3 and Uncharted series can do, then ok sure, not that we've seen anything that has beaten those games in the graphics department as of yet, will probably be several years before the Wii U comes out with something that blows Uncharted and Killzone out of the water. Only High end PC's come out with stuff that's on par with slightly higher resolution textures and slightly better technical pieces here and there, you're not going to see anything from the Wii U in terms of graphics, they're going to seriously need to innovate and do something amazing, and learn why they were successful early on with the Wii if the Wii U isn't going to be a flop.

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Hoje03082079d ago

Hardly futuristic when it has half the ram of current mobile devices.

FarCryLover1822079d ago

Mobile devices have 2gb RAM?? I didn't know this one.

FinalomegaS2079d ago


only cell that has 2Gigs that I know , the Samsung Galaxy S3 North American model with Dual Core. International is Quad core 1Gig Ram.

Hoje03082079d ago

The Galaxy Note 2 also has two gigs of ram as does the quad-core Korean GS3. By the time the Wii U comes out, this should be the standard in the mobile world.

N4g_null2079d ago

Yeah an arm CPU against a power7, really man? Put the cool aid down the next Xbox and apu playstation don't have a chance! This is why specs don't matter any more. No one understands them.

Tsar4ever012078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

I agree, 2GB would be pretty good for THIS GENERATION, which is the 7th Gen, but Wii U is spear-heading the next generation/8th Gen.

RAM is so CHEAP nowadays. Com'on nintendo, 2gb is the BEST you could offer your console? The bare minimum for next-gen should been at least 4GB, and even worst than that, it's divided between OS, and gaming graphics. This is as bad as the pathetic memory cap of the ps3's divided 256mb of ram. The X360 uses the much BETTER UNIFIED MEMORY ARCHETECTURE with an extra 10mb of EDRAM dedicated for anti-aliasing shaders.

The Wii U's graphics capabilities will be ALL USED UP by the end of the second quarter of it's lifespan. Everything else on the spec sheet seems OK, but that WEAK MEMORY CAP, just NUKED IT for me, REALLY DISSAPOINTING. Change it to 4GB nintendo, and maybe you'll be able to hang a little longer competing against the Orbis & Durango

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MASTER_RAIDEN2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

LX-general-kaos, i logged in just to give you a disagree.

shut up.

CalvinKlein2078d ago Show
Muffins12232079d ago

My gtx680 is around 4x the power of the weak thing....the wiiu i wouldn't even call it next gen

andibandit2079d ago

Looks like it will almost be as powerful as the PS3.

jeseth2079d ago

"leaps and bounds ahead of what is available"

LoL. Drinkin' the Kool Aid much? Honestly General, that was the most shameless Nintendo _____ stroking I've ever scene on N4G.

As for the Seamless Experience .... its so seamless you can go from playing Batman AC and Mass Effect 3 seamlessly from this gen to next (Or is Nintendo just 7 years late to the current gen?)! LoL!

I hope you get paid for your Nintendo propaganda!

On Topic : Interested in ZombieU, the trailer at E3 looked great.

Allsystemgamer2079d ago

I'm buying a u BUT those specs are disappointing to be honest. Not even CLOSE to futuristic.

ALLWRONG2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )


Starts the ball rollin

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

WiiU beats current consoles. 2x more powerful. But when ps4 comes you know it's over.

CalvinKlein2078d ago Show
ziggurcat2079d ago

"Delivering futuristic high end specs that look to be leaps and bounds ahead of what is currently available on the home console market today"

you're delusional. those specs are barely better than what's on the market today. in fact, so far the other two systems are producing better graphics with at least half of the RAM that's available on the wii U.

Urbz78702079d ago

Lol that's a lot of disagrees.

l3Display2078d ago

WOW,this is how you start off next gen.

HiddenMission2078d ago

with them chops of yours come work with me to promote my site because me like silver tongued devils lol

ATi_Elite2078d ago

"It seems that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system will be properly kicking off the next generation of Elite gaming."

Blah ha ha hah ha hah ha

I have an Enthusiast Level PC!

Wiiu and Elite gaming OMG how funny!

showtimefolks2078d ago

i am excited for wii-u but will wait maybe 6 months just to see what's happening. But one thing is for sure its not as next gen as nintendo fan-girls try to make it out to be(xbox360 and ps3 have fanboys Nintendo for kids and families so its fan-girls)

why so low hard drive space? can we upgrade it?

you know one thing now i can't wait for is next E3 or in sony's case maybe next GDC. Because ps4 and xbox720 will have much better specs and that's what has been really excited.

but i am super excited to play Nintendo exclusives in HD so don't have appreciate.

if wii-u is suppose to start next gen than be it let's not hate it for that. but IMO the price point is a bit higher and why didn't nintendo include the regular controller? that's another extra $50-60

Neo-Axl2078d ago

.. Are.. Are you a Nintendo Employee? or do you have a creepy obsession with Nintendo? o_O

Lord_Sloth2078d ago

I think you're a robot.

Yes, your posts definitely seem to be driven (drivel) by an AI.

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Shok2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

2 GB total, 1 for games 1 for OS.

If they're reserving 1 GIG for just the OS than it must be a multi-tasking beast.

Kinda disappointed that only 1 Gig is available for games, but with updates they can shave off the OS memory usage like Sony and Microsoft have done with their consoles, so more RAM should be available for games later on.

A GPGPU is very good news.

I also saw that there was a 32 GB model shown, good, cause 8 wasn't gonna cut it.

jetlian2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

lol dont spin it now playa its only 512 more than current gen ps3/360. ps4 and 720 will be atleast 4gb. MS and sony also have better OS than nintendo.

man this is wii all over again. guess they going 250-350 for us prices which is why japan has to get it first.

Edit: why the disagrees? hmmmm lol pcs even use 2gb minimum for most games

Not really the sliming is within the first few years if it was over the course of ps3 full life they would be able to add party chat. But they will slim it down.

Even if they cut it in half which isnt likely still its not much more than current gen and still will be half of 720/ps4.

All that nintendo will be near ps4/720 you been doing past few months now exposed

AWBrawler2079d ago

reaching really reaching aren't you?

you talk as if u know Sony and MS specs

Shok2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Spin? The truth is the truth son lol. Facts are facts.

Sony shaved off the OS RAM usage in the PSP to open up more RAM for developers. Microsoft did the same with the 360. As time goes by the companies OPTIMIZE the OS so it leaves a smaller "footprint."

Also, this RAM is most likely GDDR5 RAM, and not DDR3 RAM like in the 360 or PS3, so it's using much more efficient RAM.


FlairSomewhere2079d ago

you clearly don't understand how computers and consoles work differently when it comes to running games.

the wii has 2 gb of what i will wildly assume is crazy fast ram.
wild guess.
i know.

the 360/ps3 have 512 mb of memory.
360 shared it between its cpu and gpu.
ps3 split it 50/50.
and pc's have more memory because windows is (generally) a memory hog.

so the wii now gets... 1 gb for gaming, strictly.
and 1 gb for the operating system, strictly.

Whereas the 360/ps3 had to have operating system and gaming shared amongst ~256 mb of ram on the cpu.

Yeah...that's why people disagree with you.

Dasteru2079d ago

@shok GDDR5 stands for graphics double data rate v5, it is proprietary GPU memory. it is not used in Ram. Current Ram is DDR3, even PC's don't currently use better. DDR4 exists but hasn't been brought to market yet.

jetlian2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

to flairsomewhere

And thats 2010 ps3 was down to 50 mb for os and MS was at 32mb. So ps3 has 462 left for gaming and 360 has 490 including 10mb edram. Nowhere near 1GB like wiiu

Hell they arent even using 1/10 the total. wiiu is 50 percent total now sony was at 120 at the start. My point was to show its way to close to current gen, Its clearly more though.

SegataShanshiro2079d ago

sony's OS hasnt changed since that failed bastard of a child called PSX in 2003

neogeo2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

No. PS3 and 360 have 512 ram SHARED on the whole system! Thats running the OS and gameing all shaing that little 512. With Wiiu you get a 100% whole 1gig for games and another 1 gig just for the OS. Big difference there,

pecorre2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

@everyone saying that PS3 and 360 ''only'' have 512mb of ram

Keep in mind that we're talking about 6 and 7 year old systems.

1Gb for gaming is not much today. The Wii U is simply not a future proof system. It is good today, but in 1-2 year it will already start to show it's age. When the PS4 and Next Xbox launch, the Wii U will be in the same position as the Wii was this gen.

N4g_null2079d ago

Nothing is future proof but the wiiu has what it needs to make great games for the next 3 years though. It is fixing a lot of problem with the current gen also.

What is important is it is a true hd console and it is affordable. Those two points are big. Future proof is pr hype and not possible on consoles since computer tech always advances. If you want that then get a pc.

The wiiu has one job and that is to play console hd games with new ideas along with tech we have mastered. It is not made to be a hype balloon that never reaches its potiential.

ChickeyCantor2079d ago

"ol dont spin it now playa its only 512 more than current gen ps3/360."

512 for games and os.

1 gig is fully available for games. There is a difference. Especially in RAM type.

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FredEffinChopin2079d ago


"Nothing is future proof but the wiiu has what it needs to make great games for the next 3 years though. It is fixing a lot of problem with the current gen also."

Nothing is future proof, but the other consoles this gen were future resistant. Proof? The Wii died very young and quietly, and Nintendo were forced to be the first into the next console gen. Better hardware means the system can remain relevant for longer. Do you really not understand that? Also how does this do anything to fix their current-gen issues?

"What is important is it is a true hd console and it is affordable. Those two points are big. Future proof is pr hype and not possible on consoles since computer tech always advances. If you want that then get a pc."

That's not what's important. The fact that (no matter how much you like to pretend that underwhelming hardware doesn't matter on a console) it might be overshadowed by the competition in a year or two is pretty damned important also. And the fact that they're still trying to wow me with the same titles that they've been using for 30 years. And the fact that no matter what they say about catering to the hardcore, they still had to have their arms twisted before they acknowledged the necessity for a more traditional controller. They still don't seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the hardcore community. Luckily for them though, there are plenty of people willing to pay $300 just to play Zelda, who will be apologists and PR reps for Nintendo to the bitter end.

"The wiiu has one job and that is to play console hd games with new ideas along with tech we have mastered. It is not made to be a hype balloon that never reaches its potiential."

Yeah, that was the Wii's job.

TotalSynthesisX2079d ago

25GB discs? Holy crap.

And when the hell are they going to announce the release date (if they haven't already)?

FlairSomewhere2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

I've heard that said discs are CAPABLE of being triple-layer.

Granted most PS3 games don't fully utilize its (blu-ray's) potential, nor did Wii developers capitalize on dual layer pseudo-dvd discs.

mi_titan272079d ago

Release date will be announced 9/13/12 at a live NY press conference

akaakaaka2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

sounds ok!? just what we kind of knew...

so 31,000y means the WIIU will cost $400 to $450? i am lost...

i may get it if the PS4 does not comes out next year... and devs. actually make superiors "multiplataform" and exclusive games on it.. since i can sale it back to my native country and not lose money once the next gen hits ;)

@LuridShadowX i belive they already say Dec. 8 in Jap.

Dasteru2079d ago

30,000y = $386USD currently.

The premium model will most likely be $359. Electronics typically end up slightly cheaper in the US compared to what the direct conversion shows.

cee7732078d ago

that was before the yen obliterated the us dollar so we dont dont know how much usd it will be

Dasteru2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Nintendo has just confirmed, $299 for the basic model, $349 for the premium.