The Lawless Retrospective: Killzone

With the HD trilogy edition of Killzone set to release next month, OnlySP takes a look at the each entry in the series to gauge whether it might be a worthwhile purchase for anyone that hasn't played them all before.

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Cajun Chicken3184d ago

I found the third game excellent, finally found that balance of fun.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3184d ago

Best looking console shooter I have ever seen! Kz4 on ps4? mind blowing..

LOGICWINS3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Considering that KZ3 sold less than KZ2 during the same time period, we'd be lucky if KZ4 came out for ANY PS console, much less the PS4. A PS3 release would make more sense since it would be less of a risk for Sony if the game tanks.

KZ2 took $40-50 million to make on the PS3. Imagine how much KZ4 on the PS4 would take to make. You think Sony will risk that much money on a franchise with a dwindling community?

I'd rather GG continue to develop for a console that they have six years of experience with as opposed to a rush job which sets KZ4 as a PS4 launch title...just for the sake of having a well known shooter as a launch title.

Outside_ofthe_Box3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Killzone 3 is a joke compared to KZ2 in my opinion. There is a reason why GG fired the lead MP designer for KZ3 and brought back the lead MP designer from KZ2. KZ3 wasn't balanced at all unless you consider a supposed sniper class(which apparently is able to wield an ASSAULT RILE of all weapons) being undetectable by radar AND eye sight as balanced.

KZ3 was a wreck due to all the CoD players complaining about KZ2's realistic weighty controls, not being able to read server lists, and how the game is too 'hardcore' lol. Now GG 'dumbed-down' KZ3 and all the complainers didn't even buy the game. Hell, I knew I wouldn't like the game and I still bought it and that's something I never do. It really shows who Developers should really be listening to.

I really hope KZ4 goes back to the roots of KILLZONE.

LOGICWINS3184d ago

I'd argue that the single player in KZ3 was MUCH better than KZ2's.

And although KZ2 had a better overall MP experience with skill based gameplay and deep clan support, KZ3 introduced some nice ideas like brutal melees and the use of mechs.

rezzah3184d ago

I agree with logic on this point.

KZ2 great SP and MP

KZ3 Better SP worst MP

Knight_Crawler3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Killzone is a great franchise but this argument right here proves my point that KZ3 split up the KZ community.

Thats the reason why KZ will never get the recognition it deserves because the developers are always trying to please everyone and change things up for the worst.

As much as people bag on Halo for being the same year after year, you got to give Halo credit for maintaining a balance of happiness in the community and Halo 4 looks like its following tradition because Halo fans are happy.

Killzone is great and if the developers would just keep there ground and not fold to fans complaints it can become huge.

Before you disagree, I was not saying that Halo is better than KZ...I was just saying that KZ needs to stick to one formula instead of changing it after every game.

Outside_ofthe_Box3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

I bought KZ3 for the SP, the only reason why I'd buy a game I know don't like based off the beta.

I enjoyed KZ3's sp more, but it was too easy. I was able to beat the game in 5 hours on the veteran difficulty.

What i don't like about brutal melee is that it's one hit kill. Now we have people running through bullets to instant kill melee people and surprise close encounters ends up being a "who can press the melee button first" scenario. I'd rather brutal melee require two hits to activate if the opponent has 100% health. Only time I think brutal melee should be a one hit kill is if you do it from behind or your opponent is under 50-60% health.

I've always wondered why mechs weren't used in KZ2, but now I know why. It kills the balance. I don't mind exos and jets packs being in the games. It's just that they just have to make it balanced which is extremely difficult to do. I don't really have my own solution on how to balance them out. I'd rather GG make a new objective that requires the uses of exos and jets to complete and they are only available during that specific objective. That's the only way I can see mechs not killing the balance of the game entirely.


@ Knight_Crawler

Actually agree with you some what in regards to Halo. Halo 3 is actually the second most balanced game this gen behind KZ2 in my opinion. Balanced games are hard to come by these days.

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SonyStyled3184d ago

although i liked part 3 as well, killzone 3 removed alot of things that made kz2 so great. thanks to all the requests from the gamers who played killzone 2, and judging by the sales of kz3, never came back for part 3. a shame really

vividi3184d ago

I love killzone series, part 2 is my favorite but I also love part 3, waiting for killzone HD

Eyeco3184d ago

I'll give my honest unbiased assessment of the Killzone series.

Killzone 1- decent game held back because of the PS2 hardware, and overwhelming hype

Killzone 2- A solid shooter, was blown away by the visuals when I saw it, never saw anything like it, Multiplayer was great to had allot of fun with it.
The Problem is the game didnt really go as far as it needed to be a classic shooter. Also the game didn't know whether it was an arcade shooter or a tactical shooter, it shoudld have opted for the latter.

Killzone 3- A big dissapointment in my opinion a game with zero ambition, it tried to be like COD , fair enough but why didnt it go all the way, why do COD games offer more features modes and maps, why include 3d and move support a feature most ps3 owners don't have yet not include a much needed feature like online co-op ? wtf if anyone wants to no more about why i dislike this game PM me i'll write you a book.

Overall the Killzone franchise is a decent yet forgettable gaming series , Killzone 2 was the shining star but this is mainly due to the MASSIVE support that game received with a budget of 45 million dollars its one of the most expensive games ever made. I personally think the problem is with the developer, if not for the gargantuan support received by sony's gaming division, the series would have been swept in to obscurity, yes imo GG is an overrated dev.

MySwordIsHeavenly3184d ago

It tried to be like Call of Duty?



The 3D and Move features were excellent, by the way.

Eyeco3184d ago

yes it did try to be like COD everything from the controls to the story campaign remember the Stealth missions doesn't that remind you of the missions in COD when you would follow Captain price ? it was a laughably shameless clone.

And about the Move and 3D options, i NEVER said they were bad i just said it was stupid to include them if MOST PS3 owners don't have them yet exclude something like online co-op something that the game was screaming for. How can anyone argue against that ? i mean split screen co-op is all they could give us in 2011 thats pathetic. Killzone 3 was a barebone package in the FPS department.

Killzone 3 was a completley forgettable shooter, that only gets mention because of delusional single minded fanboys.

fOrlOnhOpe573184d ago

Im expecting great things from :this HD upgrade. Killzone 1 had a good story, characters and weapon sounds and reload animations.
Along with the bots in Battlefields, I think that any Kz fan who hasn't yet played it is in for a pleasant suprise.

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