Wearable Hardware: Future or Fad? writes:"If you’ve been following the latest gaming news, then you’ve heard a lot about wearable hardware. What is wearable hardware, you say? Well, essentially it’s a device that you wear to enhance your gaming experience (i.e. VR headsets). With so many patents flying around lately, it seems like everyone is getting in on the action. However, as cool as the technology sounds, it’s hard to get images of the Virtual Boy out of my head. Are these projects doomed before they even launch, or will they integrate themselves into gaming permanently? Ultimately, that will depend on the price, the practicality of the devices, the level of immersion, and the titles available."

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TheSuperior 2220d ago

Lol that pic alone makes me smile! Good read haha

StrawHatPatriot2220d ago

I don't think it's bad at all, just not viable yet.

ChunkyLover532220d ago

Virtual Reality is something that companies think people want because of movies and television. I think for the most part that gamer's don't want to wear a bunch of crap to play a game. Controller+TV=gaming.

That isn't to say that options aren't good from time to time, but I doubt anything like this would be the norm, or be that comfortable.

geth1gh2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Your crazy and that logic is why america is fat as hell.

I would love to say I spent my time doing something active instead of just sitting on my ass.

I would take running around in a virtual battlefield over my mouse and keyboard any day.

ChunkyLover532220d ago

So because I like playing video games with a controller, America is fat? That is some brilliant logic right there.

I clearly said I didn't mind an option to game with motion controls, but I prefer playing games the way I have been for the past 15+ years.

I always appreciate foreigners and their ignorant comments though. Keep up the good work!

DeadSpaced2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Is it really the logic that you're pointing out or that his name is ChunkyLover?

geth1gh2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Dude first off I live in North Carolina. I have to say though, I usually agree with the vast majority of those "foreign" comments. And yes, it's a industry that is enjoyed by millions and generates more revenue than hollywood.

Therefore a lot of people sit around on their asses because of this. It has been linked on numerous occasions with growing obesity in adolescence. Simply put your not genetically designed to sit around and stare at a screen and it isn't healthy for you in the slightest bit.

We would need to give up our comfort zone to spend more time in a environment that fosters healthy activities. I mean we would still be doing something we love. Not to mention the intensity would be far past anything a tv and couch can relay. That is something that we should logically do.

I realize at the end of the day, sure wind down with a controller. Just spend the majority of your gaming in the "matrix" so to speak and everyone wins.

If we can't accept this logic then humanity truly is going into the shithole. Ever seen the pixar movie wall-e? I think that is a good picture of where we would be headed.

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