Nerf The Noob: Battlefield 3 Vs Call Of Duty

Ah the age-old rivalry of which shooty game is better. Eoin gives his views on the subject of which one comes out on top, Battlefield or Call of Duty. Let us know what you guys think and if you like what you see and hear don’t forget to subscribe to Nerf The Noob.

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pandehz2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I think Close Quarters is a good grab for COD players minus the perks

Im totally into BF3 though I played a lot of Blops. But with the mixed maps in BF3 I've got all I want in it.

3-4-52219d ago

Chicken is great. I wouldn't use it in place of bread on my sandwhich though.

Morale of the short story: Everything has it's uses and benefits. Both are good in their own way and serve their own purpose.

What is with DUMB people acting like only one thing can be the best...Then what? Then the best is out. then what do you do with your pitiful life ? create more lies ?