GameTap: Madden Bowl XIV

Jon Robinson of GameTap writes: Willis McGahee, Patrick Willis, Kellen Winslow, and other NFL stars talk videogames as they battle for Madden supremacy.

Guess who's back.

Those are the words inked on Willis McGahee's neck and as he walked up on stage shouting "The champ is here!" The two-time Madden Bowl favorite (and two-time upset loser) could hear everyone from host Trey Wingo to random people in the crowd talking trash about the "bridesmaid" status he has earned throughout the history of EA's pro-gaming event.

In fact, McGahee wasn't even supposed to play this year, but thanks to a last-minute no-show by Plaxico Burress, Willis was able to strut back on stage for another shot at the title.

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