Four major Japanese series that never took root over here

The case is made time and time again: what sells in Japan doesn't necessarily sell in North America and Europe. There's no lack of curious titles that never escape the Japanese market, from trucking adventures to the many flavors of dating simulator. It's the way of the industry, after all.

Yet there are several standout series that become powerful forces within the Japanese game industry, all while staying largely unknown in overseas markets. Some of them trickle out into the West, and others never even get that much of an opportunity. And the following four examples aren't just overlooked games, they're long-running franchises that shaped the industry in some way, and they were seldom seen on these shores.

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Godmars2902222d ago

Someone needs to make a Sakura Wars based on Front Mission and Final Fantasy Tactics.

wishingW3L2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

at least Sakura Wars So Long My Love (the only one localized on the west for Wii and PS2) has tactical turn based combat with robots. But the design of the robots look really lame though.

Qrphe2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

No mention of Super Robot Wars??!?!?!?
Well I guess it's hard to take root when there are tons of licenses to obtain for a publisher and it's not like that one localized title had tons of sells anyway :(

specialguest2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I was a huge Ys fan back in the early 90s. I had Ys book 1&2, Ys III, and also YS IV on the Turbo Gfx16 CD/Duo. Ys IV was the game that broke my heart when I found out it wasn't being translated and brought to the US.

There used to be a video game store that sold Japanese games called GameFan(Yes, GameFan magazine once had a retail store). This was where I discovered they had YS IV for sale. I was desperate and bought the game for $140! Untranslated and all. I somehow managed to play the game with disregard for reading the Japanese text, but unfortunately got stuck and never finished the game.

18 years later... I found out someone from the RPG translation community finally translated YS IV, and I was finally able to play the damn game properly.

rainslacker2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Ys III was the first CD based game I ever played. I got it on the big ass box TG-16 CD attachment. It was really hard going back to cartridges after that. Ys 1&2 is to this day my favorite game of all time, and I got Ys IV from BuyRite video games...which was local for me for about $80. They actually had a pretty big PC-Engine section and I played a lot of Japanese games on it, Gulliver boy and Far East of Eden being a couple other favorites of mine. I've really enjoyed the remakes of Ys, and they actually are better games, but still have a place in my heart for the originals.:)

Kratoscar20082222d ago

I would love a Tokimeki Memorial english release appart from girls side story.

TheRichterBelmont2222d ago

So long my love was a great game. Too bad we didn't get more.

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