Play as a Flood in Halo 4 Multiplayer

Today is an exceptionnel Day for the Halo Community, and as many of us would say, this is the Day ! The Press Embargo has ended, and many websites had published their preview for the new big thing, aka Halo 4 ! In France, the Official Xbox Mag get an exclusive view inside the 343 Industries office in Seattle, and show us some great things, like the new Infection gametype called "Flood". HaloDestiny translate this part in english, so you will be able to read it !

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Ashunderfire862242d ago

Wow in the second picture those guys look like the Flood. Just look how their uniforms are almost completely ripped off. Yup guys look like we are facing the damn Flood again.

NewMonday2242d ago

hope it's only for MP

will be vary vary disappointing if they are antagonists again, them or the covenant

Ashunderfire862242d ago

You still face the covenant at the begin. I learn this from those developer dairy videos.

NewMonday2242d ago

343 need some new ideas fast, this will kill my enthusiasm.

Halo was originally a great epic single player game, if MP is distracting from SP then it will be a great tragedy for a great franchise

OrKuun2242d ago

The Covenant (or at least, an Elite-led faction that still follows the Covenant religion called the Storm) is still an antagonist. However, they're not as important as before and are basically just speedbumps on the way to the real enemies: the Prometheans.

NewMonday2242d ago

looked up the Prometheans

they actually look cool

i suppose it was a knee jerk reaction on my part

aviator1892242d ago

The flood have been confirmed to be out of the Halo 4 campaign. They're not in there, was clarified a long time ago by 343i.
This is just for Halo 4 infection "flood."

And btw, have you seen the latest Vidocs by 343i regarding the single player campaign? They're definitely stepping it up there. New enemies, new world, new cast and crew, and the narrative direction looks excellent, considering that the main guy from Mass Effect narrative is with 343i now.

spicelicka2242d ago

I don't care how pissed anyone gets, i'm so glad the covenant are back! People say they don't wanna fight the covenants but i really think it would take away the halo feeling because you see elites/grunts/jackals more in the campaign than chief himself.

It's perfect how 343 kept them in the game, changed them up and came up with a good explanation. Of course the game is still going to be primarily about prometheans, and they don't wanna spoil much so they've been showing the covenant more.

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Muffins12232242d ago

The flood have been confirmed to not be in halo 4's story...shut the hell up.

indubitably2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

The Flood are confirmed to not be in campaign. I am glad that they included them in some way, I wanted to see 343's take on them

ApolloTheBoss2242d ago

Damn. Damn!! I was hoping NOT to see the flood in Halo 4.

OrKuun2242d ago

It's just Infection with Flood models. Purely visual.

ApolloTheBoss2242d ago

Oh. Sorry, stupid comment.

Camanimal2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

To be honest I am not a fan of zombies or infected game types. However, I will definitely be giving the Flood game-type a try because (if) it counts towards experience and see how it compares to halo:reach and COD . Also, I'm glad that 2 players start as infected instead of just 1 player.

Goldenslaya2242d ago

Wow this is a great. I would have never thought of this great work 343i. I know they said at first that the flood wasn't going to be in this game but o well I'm not complaining its not a classic halo feel for me without kicking some flood ass! :p n plus its only for MP so all who dnt like the flood its all good

jdktech20102242d ago

Almost positive Frankie said no flood in the campaign..looks to be mp only

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