RipTen MEGA Review: Madden NFL 13

Chad Lakkis writes: Buckle up for a the most complete review of Madden '13 you could possibly hope for.

With every EA Sports Madden NFL release I struggle to bring myself to write a review. Why you ask? Because it causes multiple voices in my head to scream various things at me all at the same time. Hate it! Love it! Abolish it! Worship it! Crap on it! Take it out to dinner! Tell it to make you a sandwich then kick it to the curb! and so on.

Oh, and the first person to "tl;dr" this is going to get stuffed into John Madden's turkey this Thanksgiving. We promise.

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ninjabake2221d ago

Finally someone who gave this game a score it deserved. For all the changes they made to franchise mode, they equally took out key essential features. And not to mention the inconsistencies of the physics engine. Smh maybe next year...

PaladinXII2221d ago

Thanks. Chad worked really hard on dissecting every bit of this game.

ninjabake2221d ago

And he did a great job breaking it down. Kudos.

CoryHG2221d ago

Seriously? you complained they removed the sh#tty rap and emo music? That's ok. I stopped reading there, besides the cheerleader comment. You're looking for reasons to bash this game.

PaladinXII2221d ago

I'm preeeeeeetty sure there was some tongue-in-cheek in there. Perhaps you should read just a little more. Ya know, because... reading comprehension!

Nostradavis2221d ago

Thanks for the comment Corey.

FrankDaTank2221d ago

Madden 13 is garbage and people like Feldman9000 keep convincing EA that its on the right track. You are the one looking for reasons to support them. This writer simply told it like it is and I commend him.

My beer mug is empty so that's all for now.

DivineAssault 2221d ago

Wow thats terrible.. I bet whoever gets paid off scores it high

spike2221d ago

I think it's the best Madden yet, So F#ck what you nerds think.

ninjabake2220d ago

Nerds? LOL you are on a gaming site homie.

And in response to your comment "I think its the best Madden yet" have you ever played Madden 2004, 2005, or 07 on the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube? Last gen Maddens had some of the most robust feature sets ever in a football game.