Are “Ports” a good thing?

Since the early days of development for multiple platforms, ports have been a gateway for for IPs to jump across to other consoles. This generally happens when a game has gained significant success on one platform and the developers or publishers want to expand it to a wider audience. This seems brilliant at first “a great game making its way to another machine so more people can enjoy it” but certain controversies have risen among porting recently.

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NYC_Gamer2220d ago

Yes,long as studios make sure all versions are polished.

EVILDEAD3602220d ago

The truth is all ports arent equal, but to pretend that we should have ported games because you come up with a few isolated games compared to the hundreds and hundreds of ports out there, doesnt make any sense.

You arent Einstein becuaue you figured out the developers go multiplt because they want to sell as many copies of their games as possible. But, in many cases that task might not be the original developer or the differences of the systems alter the quality of the original.

That doesnt change that people want those franshises on the console they purchased.


darthv722219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

it used to be that ports werent made by the same teams. Meaning the team that programmed Mortal kombat for snes was different than the team that did the genesis version. They may have had a few members bounce back and forth but overall they were developed by different teams to take advantage of each platforms abilities.

but that was back when we didnt have so many 3rd party companies like we do now. Now its about cost effectiveness and time frames. The port situation we have now is really dependent on who goes first.

Its no surprise that when a game is made on the 360 first and then ported to ps3 there are some differences. Hell, just the architecture alone is enough to be a noticeable difference.

So it seems the trend now is to start with the ps3 first and then port to 360. That seems to give the appearance that both versions are as close as they can be without compromising the overall quality of the game.

I am still hearing about how gears is the 360 best looking game and uncharted is the best ps3 looking game. Honestly, if these teams were to switch side just for those game it would be something like, gears would look okay on the ps3 but uncharted would be hard to tell a difference on the 360.

Im no programmer but it has been admitted that the ps3 to 360 conversions are more true to the original than the other way around. It has to do with the memory and how the 360 can dynamically assign assets to various tasks where as the ps3 split memory has to use the spu's to assist in load balancing for lack of unified memory.

Like i said, im no developer but those words from various developers seem to make sense. And the games that go from ps3 to 360 are better than the games that go from 360 to ps3. It isnt lazy devs like people think. well, maybe not ALL lazy devs but you get the idea.

In the end, ports are a good thing but it all depends on the porter. Oh and to elaborate. I am referring to ports that are done with the same time frame of one another.

Obviously if a port is released a whole year later then there are expectations that the extra time would amount to something more than the original.

iamnsuperman2220d ago

In theory having games developed for each platform and not porting them is the best option but that is just impractical. If ports are done right and some small level of attention is put on the game then the difference between the game and ports is nothing.

Nevers2219d ago

"Any port in a storm"

Not so much then?

SeekeroftheDawn2220d ago

I actually enjoy the ports. It's been nice having games available on a wider variety of systems.

AngelicIceDiamond2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

No, when you port something its basically a "copy and paste" technique with little dev time with the other platform(S). when games are fully optimized and worked separately they look identical to one another. Not one is worst than the other because each pltatform had proper dev time and attention. So no, ports are bad.

EDIT: I'm talking from a technical standpoint. And further broadening what @NYC said.

SneeringImperialist2220d ago

Not if they come from Ubisoft.

Karum2220d ago

Provided the work well to a robust enough technical standard then fine with me.

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