Borderlands 2 Review |

Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the 2009 Gearbox sleeper hit that coined the term Bazillion Guns. They knew the sequel had to be big, and I mean BIG. They might be building off the success of their predecessor, but how do you make a great game, even greater? And more so, how do you make a game with a bazillion guns BIGGER? You add a GAZILLION GUNS. That’s only a couple more than a bazillion, by like … one theoretical digit.

If you plan on telling Gearbox this is an absurd number of guns, reconsider. They’re probably just going to laugh at you. They’re aiming to make Borderlands 2 the biggest, most ridiculous game in the market, and they’ve succeed with clever marketing (Wub-wub), massive content (Uh, Gazillion?), and hilarious dialogue (renaming enemies to bonerfart? Yeah. Awesome.)

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