A Visual History of Game Console Redesigns in North America | IGN

IGN takes a look at the many console redesigns that have taken place in North America throughout history.

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Grenade2220d ago

In North America?!
They were redesigned everywhere else too, you know.

tubers2220d ago

So it's all headed for a minimalistic design..

In two decades it'll probably look like a small unsuspicious brick

morkendo232220d ago

look like a small unsuspicious brick. as the super-slim ps3 look like a small radio control toy tank.


Ilovetheps42220d ago

What was the Wii U redesign? It says "Family Edition". I can't tell a difference between the two except that one has a stand.

But anyways, I've always gotten the original version of all my consoles. I wish I had the Pikachu N64 though. I remember being jealous of my friend that did have it.

DeadIIIRed2219d ago

Never realized this,but I don't think I've ever owned a redesign.