Would You Play a New Sleeping Dogs Game Every Year?

How does a yearly Sleeping Dogs game sound? Yeah, like Assassin’s Creed. Millions of people play an AC game every year, so why not Sleeping Dogs?

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mafiahajeri2244d ago

if it had the same badass story then yeah I would.

christheredhead2244d ago

Yah, probably. As long as quality was their top priority every year.

MastaPiff2244d ago

WTF is this guy smokin??? Pass that please...

AC is about the only massive open world game I can think of that's done yearly & they use almost all their dev teams just to make that happen. UFG took about 7yrs I heard? Even without the publishing problems and if they could reuse most of the stuff they did for the 1st game I'd guess it'd take 2yrs at least. Don't get me wrong I loved SD but they gotta open up the map, maybe GTA & SR spoiled me but it didn't seem that open world. That's gonna take a yr even if the game was still in HK.

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The story is too old to be commented.