RipTen Review: Double Dragon Neon (XBLA)

Michael Futter writes: There are a lot of ways to bring a classic franchise to contemporary gamers. Some choose to simply go the “pixel perfect” route, simply making the original experience compatible with current download services (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men and The Simpsons arcade games). Others give their back library a shiny coat of HD paint, but otherwise leave the core game play untouched (Jet Set Radio HD).

Then there’s WayForward Games, the brilliantly twisted minds behind Double Dragon Neon. While many of our old favorites are best left behind the fog of nostalgia, this beat ‘em up classic looks our nostalgia in the face and says, “You want it how you remember it? Fine. We can do that and then some.”

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browland12220d ago

It's a shame. I had high hopes for this, but even the most dedicated of DD fans are saying it's disappointing. Might get it cheap if it goes on special sometime.

Saturne32220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I dont understand why! the demo totaly feels like the original with modernized visuals.

PaladinXII2219d ago

It does some things really well, but it relies too much on being "cheap." I covered it extensively in the review.

Rubberlegs2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

You will hit a lot cheap deaths but you can't knock the game to bad for that. Its difficulty stays true to how the original DD games being cheap and hard.

Neon gets easier as you play through it, collect tapes, and upgrade the tapes. I put in over 3hrs into game until I finally beat it which half of the time was spent replaying stages. My character is so powerful now that playing on normal is a breeze for me.

I personally love the game. It still matches the same speed as the original DD with the updated combat. The counter invade works good once you get the timing down.

tweet752220d ago

when I played the demo i enjoyed it. Im an old school Double dragon player playing it alot in 88-90. Those gamers of my era will enjoy it more. Its a good combination of modern gaming and classic gaming.

Vivalajmax2219d ago

Shame, WayForward has had a fantastic track record but I suppose even the best stumble now and then. Hopefully they can recover on the next title.