5 Games We Want to See Early Next Generation

PushStartSelect: "Continuing our efforts to find the best of the best of this generation, we turn to next generation. Yep we are looking at this generation and saying….hmm, what do we want to see continue? There are obvious game that will make the transition, but there are games we can’t wait to see in better visuals, utilizing more memory, and overall just plain better. After all, these games already kick butt!"

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rpd1232219d ago

I agree with those but I'd also like to see:

A new Mass Effect
Star Wars 1313 (looks like the tits)
And a new Assassin's Creed

Squall50052219d ago

I'd like to see:

1. A new IP
2. A new IP
3. A new IP
4. A new IP
5. A new IP

Wizziokid2219d ago

I just want some new, fresh experiences. surprise me dev's.

anthem2219d ago

Mario,resident evil,madden,cod, we need more if these games they are all so great a new one every 6 months with dlc one a week

cl19832219d ago

You mean day one right.

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