New PS3 doesn't mean price drop for old models, Sony explains why

The old PS3 models, 160GB for $250 and 320GB for $300, will not see their prices drop, even though they now have price-point competition from the same brand. This is all because of consumer demand for quality content, says John Koller, Sony Computer Entertainment America VP of marketing, handhelds and home consoles.

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dazzrazz2217d ago

-we've heard from our consumer, "Enough with all these weird price moves" 0_o Yeah we don't want price drops !

Megaton2217d ago

"You see, we don't like to be successful. We think it's a bad look."

synce2217d ago

Of course there's no 'official' price drop, else it would've been announced with the new model. If they don't permanently lower it by Black Friday though they've seriously lost all touch with reality.

Soldierone2217d ago

His comment (from sony) basically suggests "there will be a bunch of retailer promotions. So instead of making on standard price drop, we see more success doing it this way"

AKA there will be a price drop for the holidays, it just won't be "official"

Elda2217d ago

Sony I luv ya & all but it all sounds ridiculous,this new slim PS3 looks cheap & it looks as though this version was made much cheaper than the last slim,Sony you need to drop the price....but I still luv u!

vortis2217d ago

Seriously, the original launch PS3 still looks the best. In fact, it's the best looking out of all the console iterations (and their many sub-iterations) this generation.

I just don't understand the fascination with all this "slimming" down, especially when the thing that made the PS3 so freaking sexy was that candy-gloss black, which has now been replaced with a cheaper looking matte black.

Although to be fair, this new slim at least looks better than the first slim.

SovereignSnaKe2217d ago

-This new PS3 is beyond Hideous, I was trying to think what ugly piece of plastic from the 90's it most looks like and I got it!, It looks like an old Bread box, with the roll up door, Some were fancy and made of wood, but most were made up crap-tacular-ly cheap plastic! -_-

SandWitch2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

The new BreadStation 3 xD

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The story is too old to be commented.