One Year Later, Did Sony Keep Their E3 2016 Promises?

Kotaku: To what lengths do you go to introduce the return of one of your biggest franchises? If it’s for God of War, you bust out a full orchestra. Sony’s E3 2016 press conference began with a spectacle—but impressive showpieces aside, did the company meet its E3 2016 promises? Let’s find out.

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AspiringProGenji505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

The games they announce for this year and TLG got released and weren't cancelled, so yeah... They kept the promise

JayPi3505d ago

The promise was that it would be out by a certain date, and it didn't meet that date, so the promise was broken.

If you say you'll be somewhere at 5pm and you show up at 7pm then you didn't stick to your word, even though you showed up there period. I know being fans of certain companies it's tempting to defend them, but we don't really need to defend them.

Personally i'm just glad the game came out sooner than later.

AspiringProGenji505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Psss and so what? It still came out in the same year and very close to the initial release date, and TLG came out in 2016.

They didn't promise a game theb cancelled it. They didn't announce a game then pushed it to the next year. They announce horizon was gonna be a 2017 title and it was.

Moreover your analogy is flawed. Game development is unpredictable and not the same as a damn date. I would check weather, traffic, and all of that to meet at 5pm. It is easier to not miss a date, unlike avoiding a delay if something happens in development

ILostMyMind505d ago

What was the date for GoW released?

trooper_505d ago


Keep ignoring that fact to suit your agenda.

OB1Biker505d ago

A few weeks is not really a broken promise.
Just think about it for a minute.
And we r talking about game development, not your appointments.

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JayPi3505d ago

This is a solid article. Honestly all they did was list off what Sony has and has not kept up with since last year, I can see how people can get salty over them singling out Sony, hopefully they ask the same of the other 2 big companies.

I already made up my mind that most of the games shown at E3 are subject to delays or won't be out for a while, but I honestly do enjoy the show for what it is and the showcase of games i'm excited for being shown or series I like having new entries.

The best thing about Sony is that there's a good amount of titles that they have under their belt so they can easily surprise fans, I'd love to see a Next Gen Sly Cooper.

BlakHavoc505d ago

What a silly article, since when did they promise to provide more info between E3 2016 and E3 2017 on any of the new games announced last E3? In fact what they did say was that they would stray away from dropping release dates if they're not confident they can hit them, if u expected release dates that your own fault.

Ceaser9857361505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

People needs to calm down.. E3 is the place to show whats in future for the console and a release date comes along later when the devs feels its time.. Its funny how people are complaining.Its not that the games are being canceled ffs.. PlayStation already has enough games in Q1 and more to come in the following months.. Cant expect Sony to load exclusives one after another every month.. As of now Sony is covered till 2019. Thats a good sign for PlayStation..

rainslacker505d ago

Thank you. If people constantly accuse Sony of delaying games and not meeting release dates, why are people now upset that they are holding back on giving release dates?

Sony isn't holding back on announcing games "early", but that's probably because they aren't announcing games any earlier than we have historically seen a lot of games of this caliber be announced, which is generally 2-3 years before release, because they want to build hype, and trickle out the information to keep hype building.

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